Warwick Goble

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An illustration for The Water Babies
An illustration for Beauty and the Beast
Shantanu meets Goddess Ganga, 1913

Warwick Goble (22 November 1862 – 22 January 1943) was a British illustrator of children's books.

He was educated and trained at the City of London School and the Westminster School of Art. He specialized in fairy tales and exotic scenes from Japan, India and Arabia. He illustrated H.G. Wells' The War of the Worlds - among his first published illustrations, soon to be followed by a suite for The Book of Baal. He also provided illustrations for magazines, including Pearson's Magazine, illustrating a number of early science-fiction stories, including several by Frederick Merrick White.[1][2]

Selected works[edit]

Books illustrated:

Goble contributed to these and other periodical publications.


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