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Warwick Hornby is the current bass guitar player of Australian band, The Whitlams.[1][2] He joined the band together with drummer Terepai Richmond in 1998.

Warwick moved to Sydney from Adelaide in 1984 with a band called These Cars Collide, a punk/swing 4-piece with a maniac on vox. Since then, Warwick has gone on to record and tour with Jan Hellriegel (NZ), Peggy Van Zalm, The Lab (with Paul Mac) and Paul Mac, and also recorded with Max Sharam and Diana Anaid. Warwick also produced a couple of re-mixes that were released for The Lab and The Infidels. When not on the road with the Whitlams, he can usually be found either writing and recording in his home studio or hitting a few balls out on the golf course.

Warwick's Equipment[edit]

Warwick plays a G&L L.2500 5 string and a Peavey Midi Bass. Peavey amplification.

He has a ten-year-old son (Cooper Hornby) whose first rock concert was the gig The Whitlams played at The Rocks on Australia Day 2007.


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