Warwick Panthers

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Warwick and Coventry Panthers
League British Universities Ice Hockey Association
Divisions Division 1 - South

Division 3 - South

Arena SkyDome Arena
City Coventry, England
Team Colours Blue, and White
Website http://www.warwickpanthers.com

The Warwick and Coventry Panthers are a British ice hockey team that play in the First and Third Divisions of the British Universities Ice Hockey Association. The team plays its home games at the SkyDome Arena, Coventry, England.


The Warwick & Coventry Panthers is a joint club combining both universities in order to develop and strengthen teams. They are a part of the BUIHA and have 3 teams within the league, as well as creating a Bambi League for beginners too.[1]

Standings from 2013/14 Season[edit]

Oxford Blues: 9-0-1 London Dragons: 6-2-2 Cambridge Blues: 4-3-3 Southampton Spitfires: 4-3-3 Warwick and Coventry Panthers: 2-1-7 Cardiff Redhawks: 0-1-9


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