Shire of Warwick

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Shire of Warwick
Warwick LGA Qld.png
Location within Queensland
Population21,417 (2006 census)[1]
 • Density4.84296/km2 (12.5432/sq mi)
Area4,422.3 km2 (1,707.5 sq mi)
Council seatWarwick
RegionDarling Downs
Warwick Logo.jpg
WebsiteShire of Warwick
LGAs around Shire of Warwick:
Millmerran Clifton Gatton, Laidley
Inglewood Shire of Warwick Boonah
Stanthorpe Tenterfield (NSW) Tenterfield (NSW)

The Shire of Warwick was a local government area in the Darling Downs region of Queensland, Australia. The administrative centre and major town of the shire was the town of Warwick.


On 19 March 1992, the Electoral and Administrative Review Commission, created two years earlier, produced its report External Boundaries of Local Authorities, and recommended that local government boundaries in the Warwick area be rationalised into three new local government areas.[2] That recommendation was not implemented, but the outcome was that the City of Warwick was merged with the Shires of Allora, Glengallan and Rosenthal to form the new Shire of Warwick. The Local Government (Allora, Glengallan, Rosenthal and Warwick) Regulation 1994 was gazetted on 20 May 1994. On 25 June, an election was held for the new council, and on 1 July 1994, the Shire of Warwick was established.[3][4]

Under the local council amalgamation programme instigated by the Queensland Government in 2007, the Shires of Stanthorpe and Warwick merged in March 2008 to create the Southern Downs Region.[3][5]

Towns and localities[edit]

The Shire of Warwick included the following settlements:

* - not to be confused with Willow Vale, Queensland


Year Population
1986 17,127*
1991 18,732*
1996 19,967
2001 20,694
2006 21,417

* - from time series data


  • Bruce Green
  • Ron Bellingham


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