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Warwick Services
Warwick Motorway Services, M40.jpg
Warwick services is located in Warwickshire
Warwick services
Warwick services (Warwickshire)
Coordinates:52°13′07″N 1°30′10″W / 52.218624°N 1.502863°W / 52.218624; -1.502863Coordinates: 52°13′07″N 1°30′10″W / 52.218624°N 1.502863°W / 52.218624; -1.502863
Operator:Welcome Break
Date opened:1998[1]
Website:Welcome Break

Warwick Services is a motorway service station that is situated in Warwickshire, England, and serves the M40 motorway. It is situated approximately five miles south-east of Warwick.

It is situated on two bases at each side of the motorway, and was opened in early 1998 as the second of four service stations which serve the M40. Throughout 2007 the northbound Days Inn hotel was closed as the ground floor had completely flooded, although it has since reopened.[2]

Until recently they had to be signed as 'Welcome Break Coffee Primo' as they only recently gained a KFC outlet. The southbound services were one of the first to gain a KFC facility.

Cultural references[edit]

The northbound services featured in an episode of Top Gear.


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