Was mir behagt, ist nur die muntre Jagd, BWV 208a

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Was mir behagt, ist nur die muntre Jagd (The merry hunt is all that I love), BWV 208.2 and 208.3 both also BWV 208a, are later versions of Johann Sebastian Bach's Hunting Cantata, BWV 208.1, BWV 208.[1] Like the original cantata, which was first performed in Weißenfels in 1713, the two later versions belong to the body of around 50 known secular cantatas by Bach.[1] The BWV 208.2 and 208.3 versions survived as later additions to Bach's autograph score of BWV 208.1:[1][2]

The cantata is counted among the works Bach wrote for celebrations of the Leipzig University, Festmusiken zu Leipziger Universitätsfeiern.[3]

The libretto of the original cantata was written by Salomon Franck for the occasion of the 31st birthday of Duke Christian of Saxe-Weissenfels.[1] Apart from text adjustments in Bach's autograph score, such as the replacement of the name "Christian" by "Ernst August", the music of the BWV 208.2 version is deemed identical (or at least near-identical) to that of the first version.[1] The music of the BWV 208.3 version, performed on the occasion of the name day of the Elector, also likely differed little or nothing from previous versions.[1][4] Other Bach cantatas in honour of the Electors of Saxony are known, for example Ihr Häuser des Himmels, ihr scheinenden Lichter, BWV 193.1, a name day cantata written in 1727 for Frederick Augustus II's father and predecessor.



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