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Logo Wasalandia.png
Location Vaasa, Finland
Coordinates 63°05′26″N 21°35′11″E / 63.090529°N 21.586375°E / 63.090529; 21.586375Coordinates: 63°05′26″N 21°35′11″E / 63.090529°N 21.586375°E / 63.090529; 21.586375
Owner Tervakosken Puuhamaa Oy
Opened 1988
Closed 2015
Operating season June to August
Total 28
Roller coasters 3
Website www.wasalandia.fi
Wasalandia's visitor number peaked in 1990 and suffered badly in 1999 after car ferry tourism from Sweden based on tax free alcohol sales stopped.

Wasalandia Amusement Park was an amusement park in Vaasa, Finland. It opened in 1988 and closed after summer 2015.[1] It offered up to 28 rides for the whole family. In its last years, Wasalandia was owned by the Spanish company Aspro Ocio, S.A.

Wasalandia was located on the island Vaskiluoto some 3 kilometres from downtown Vaasa. The nearby indoor waterpark Tropiclandia will continue its operations.


Name Ride type Limits
Traffic Park Mini cars Min 100 cm
Pedal Cars Bikecars Min 120 cm
Mini Mopeds Mini mopeds No limits


Name Ride type Limits
Light House Tower Free fall Min 120 cm
Pirate Ship Min 120 cm
Pirate Adventure Track No limits
Rio Grande Mini train Max 50 kg
Crocodile Boats Boats Min 120 cm
Giant Slide Slide Max 100 cm
Tube Labyrint Labyrint No limits
Poolboats Boats No limits

Jumping and Climbingland

Name Ride type Limits
Jumping Mattresses Trampoline No limits
Giant Trampolines Trampoline No limits
Climbing World Big play unit No limits

Wild West

Name Ride type Limits
Water Rafting Ride Rollercoaster (Water) Min 120 cm
Rocking Tug Min 100 cm
Car Track Min 120 cm
Tivoliland Tivoli No limits


Name Ride type Limits
Horse Carousel Carousel Min 100 cm
Mini Wonderwheel Wonderwheel Max 140 cm
Rocking Tea Teacups Max 60 kg
Speedy Sleigh Min 120 cm
Spooky House Ghosthouse 9 years old
Small Carousel Carousel Max 60 kg
Ladybird Max 140 cm
Small Pirate Boat Boats Max 140 cm

3D Movie theatre with moving seats was located in the Wild West section of the Wasalandia park. The park also featured two restaurants and kiosks, and a souvenir and snack shop is near the Tivoli area.


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