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Provo City School District
280 West 940 North
Provo, Utah

United States
District information
Grades K - 12
Superintendent Keith C. Rittel
Other information

The Provo City School District is a school district in Provo, Utah which has boundaries that coincide with those of the city.[1] The school district is run by a school board elected by city residents. The districts for electing the school board members are drawn by the Provo City Council. There are currently 17,800 students enrolled.[2]

The District operates two traditional high schools, an alternative high school, two middle schools, thirteen elementary schools, and a web-based school that serves all grade levels. The District continues to have a positive influence on the community by offering both traditional and proven non-traditional education to its students. These non-traditional alternatives include preschool training for disabled students, adult high school completion, the largest selection of on-line courses in the state and concurrent enrollment where students can earn high school and college credits simultaneously. Programs such as advanced placement, special education, music, career technology, elementary dual language, multicultural programs, gifted and talented programs and many other enrichment programs in all curriculum areas are offered by the District. The District has strong technical and foreign language programs in both traditional and on-line offerings, and is one of the few Districts in the state to offer elementary foreign languages.

Board of Education[edit]

As of July 25, 2017, the following individuals comprised the Provo City School District Board of Education:[3]

McKay Jensen - President – District 3

Assigned Schools: Wasatch

Jim Pettersson - Vice President - District 7

Assigned Schools: Timpanogos, Dixon, Independence High School, Provo High

Taz Murray - District 1

Assigned Schools: Canyon Crest, Edgemont, Timpview

Michelle Kaufusi - District 2

Assigned Schools: Rock Canyon, Centennial

Shannon Poulsen - District 4

Assigned Schools: Provost, Provo Peaks, Spring Creek

Julie Rash - President – District 5

Assigned Schools: Amelia, Franklin, Sunset View

Marsha Judkins - District 6

Assigned Schools: Lakeview, Westridge

District Administration[edit]

As of July 25, 2017, Provo City School District Administration was:[4]

Keith C. Rittel - Superintendent

Gary Wilson - Executive Director of Student Services / Assistant Superintendent

Anne-Marie Harrison Paulsen - Executive Director of Teaching and Learning

Jason Cox - Executive Director of Human Resources

D. Gary Wall - Director of Human Resources

Rebecca Rogers - Director of Human Resource - Classified Employees and Benefits

Stefanie Bryant (CPA) - Business Administrator

Devyn Dayley - Director of Accounting

Laura Larsen - Director of Child Nutrition

Alex Judd - Executive Director of Elementary Education

Todd McKee - Executive Director of Secondary Education

Mark Wheeler - Director of Facilities and Maintenance

Morgan Anderson - Director of Special Education

Chad Duncan - Director of Technology

Caleb Price - Coordinator of Communications and Public Relations

Opportunities for the Gifted and Talented[edit]

Magnet Schools[edit]

Students who qualify are invited to attend the Center for Accelerated Studies (CAS) for students in grades four through six. This special school caters to the needs of the profoundly gifted. The Gifted Magnet Program at Provo High School is for students in grades seven through eight and provides services to students who score in the top ten on a highly difficult test by giving them access to high school-level material while remaining with their middle school-aged peers.

Dual Language Immersion Programs[edit]

The Dual Language Immersion program gives elementary students the opportunity to become fluent in an additional language by the time he or she exits the sixth grade.

Schools with Dual Language Immersion Programs:

  • Canyon Crest Elementary—Spanish
  • Edgemont Elementary—French
  • Timpanogos Elementary—Spanish
  • Wasatch Elementary—Mandarin Chinese
  • Lakeview Elementary—Portuguese

Building Projects[edit]

During the past decade, Provo School District has constructed four new schools (Timpanogos Elementary, Lakeview Elementary, Provo Peaks Elementary and Spring Creek Elementary). On November 4, 2014 a bond measure for $108 million passed.[5] This will be used to rebuild five schools. Over the next few years, Provo High School, Edgemont Elementary School, Rock Canyon Elementary School, Provost Elementary School and Sunset View Elementary School will be rebuilt.

Provo School District Foundation[edit]

The Provo School District Foundation facilitates charitable giving that fund programs and services not provided by the state or federal government, including after-school activities.[6] The Foundation passes resources from contributors to the schools, classrooms and programs that need the most assistance, or can be designated to the entity the donor sees most fit.


High Schools[edit]

Boyd McAffee, Principal[7]
Dr. Fidel Montero, Principal[8]
Chris Sorensen, Principal[9]

Middle Schools[edit]

  • Centennial Middle School
Kyle Bates, Principal[10]
  • Dixon Middle School
John Anderson, Principal[11]

Elementary Schools[edit]

  • Amelia Earhart Elementary School
Ryan McCarty, Principal[12]
  • Canyon Crest Elementary School
Darren Johnson, Principal[13]
  • Edgemont Elementary School
Gaye Gibbs, Principal[14]
  • Franklin Elementary School
Kim Hawkins, Principal[15]
  • Lakeview Elementary School
Drew Daniels, Principal[16]
  • Provo Peaks Elementary School
Geovanni Guzman, Principal[17]
  • Provost Elementary School
Stephen Oliverson, Principal[18]
  • Rock Canyon Elementary School
Dean Nielson, Principal[19]
  • Spring Creek Elementary School
Jill Franklin, Principal[20]
  • Sunset View Elementary School
Clint Smith, Principal[21]
  • Timpanogos Elementary School
Carrie Rawlins, Principal[22]
  • Wasatch Elementary School
Rene Cunningham, Principal[23]
  • Westridge Elementary School
Becky Thomas, Principal[24]

Specialized Schools[edit]

  • Provo Adult Education
Anita Craven, Principal[25]
  • Provo Transition Services/East Bay Post High
Bryce Vellinga, Principal[26]
  • Sunrise Preschool
Delaine Qawasmeh, Facilitator[27]
  • Oak Springs School
Dennis Meyers, Principal
  • Adult ESOL
Teresa Tavares, Principal[28]
  • E-School
Brad Monks, Principal[29]


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