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Wascana Creek in Les Sherman Park, West End, downstream from the Albert Street Bridge and Wascana Lake

Wascana Creek is a stream in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan. Originating in the fields east of Regina near Vibank, it travels southeast for approximately 45 kilometers before turning back west at Tyvan. The creek then travels in a northwestwardly direction through Regina, where it was dammed by the Canadian Pacific Railway to create Wascana Lake, both to supply water for steam locomotives and to create a decorative image in Regina. Below the lake, the creek leaves Regina and ends at the Qu'Appelle River in Lumsden. The creek and its tributaries drain over 2,200 square kilometres.

Sherwood Forest Bridge is one of the bridges that crosses Wascana Creek.

Fish species[edit]

The creek contains no sustainable fish populations, although carp occasionally move into the creek during flooding.

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