Wasei Kingu Kongu

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Wasei Kingu Kongu
1933 promotional flyer for the release of Wasei King Kong
Directed by Torajiro Saito
Written by Akira Fushimi
Starring Yasuko Koizumi
Takeshi Sakamoto
Kotaro Sekiguchi
Nagamasa Yamada
Isamu Yamaguchi
Cinematography Yoshio Taketomi
Distributed by Shochiku
Release dates
  • October 5, 1933 (1933-10-05)
Country Japan
Language Silent film
Japanese intertitles

Wasei Kingu Kongu (和製キング・コング?, lit. Japanese King Kong) was a 1933 Japanese black-and-white silent film directed by Torajiro Saito.[1][2][3] The film is now considered lost. It was a silent 3-reel comedy short that uses the 1933 film King Kong as a backdrop to the story[4][5] and produced by Shochiku Studios (who released the original 1933 film in Japan on behalf of RKO). The film has been missing for several decades. Most films from this era in Japan were either destroyed through negligence or by bombings of Japan during World War II.


Santa (Isamu Yamaguchi) and his friend Koichi (Nagamasa Yamada) are jobless vagabonds. They make their living by picking up coins on streets. Santa has a girlfriend named Omitsu (Yasuko Koizumi), but her father Seizo (Kotaro Sekiguchi) does not like having his daughter date a penniless man. He breaks the lovers up and tries to marry his daughter off to a rich man. Desperate, Santa seeks employment and wanders the streets. He can’t find a job at all but has an inspiration. RKO’s King Kong has been released and is a big hit in Tokyo. He decides to capitalize on its success by dressing up as an ape and playing King Kong on a vaudeville theater! He approaches one theater owner to tell him of the idea and the owner is pleased with Santa’s plan, thus giving him the job. Santa’s King Kong show becomes an instant success, with Santa interacting amongst props on the theater stage in his gorilla suit (small buildings, toy airplanes, a doll etc.). One day while performing on stage, Santa sees that Omitsu and her new rich boyfriend are in the audience. Blinded with rage, Santa jumps down from the stage and runs after them - with his gorilla suit on! Santa creates chaos in the town, as firemen and hunters chase him thinking him an escaped gorilla that is running wild in the streets. Eventually Santa confronts the rich boyfriend and knocks him unconscious. He puts the gorilla suit on him and leaves him lying out cold in the street. Just then Koichi comes and tells Santa that the theater owner will give him a lot of money for his performances. Now that he has wealth, Santa gets married to Omitsu.[6][7]

Publicity photos of Isamu Yamaguchi as King Kong for Wasei Kingu Kongu


Shochiku Studios produced this Torajiro Saito comedy short. Shochiku released King Kong in Japan on behalf of RKO and wanted to fund this film as a tie in to the films release which is used as a backdrop in the story. Torajiro Saito was a very popular film producer/comedian at the time known for his successful comedy shorts. Going by the information presented by magazines and newspapers covering the films release, its believed that there are no actual special effects in the film as it focuses on a man trying to earn money to woo his girlfriend by playing the King Kong character on stage.[8]


Actor Character
Yasuko Koizumi Omitsu
Takeshi Sakamoto Yokoshima
Kotaro Sekiguchi Seizo
Nagamasa Yamada Koichi
Isamu Yamaguchi Santa/King Kong

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