Washi Dam

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Washi Dam
Washi Dam right view.jpg
Washi Dam is located in Fukui Prefecture
Washi Dam
Location of Washi Dam in Fukui Prefecture
Washi Dam is located in Japan
Washi Dam
Washi Dam (Japan)
Official name鷲ダム
LocationŌno, Fukui Prefecture, Japan
Coordinates35°55′12″N 136°40′23″E / 35.92°N 136.673°E / 35.92; 136.673Coordinates: 35°55′12″N 136°40′23″E / 35.92°N 136.673°E / 35.92; 136.673
PurposePower generation
Construction began1965
Opening date1968
Operator(s)Electric Power Development Company
Dam and spillways
ImpoundsKuzuryu River
Height45 m
Length277 m
Total capacity9,650,000 m³
Catchment area334.3 km²
Surface area62 hectares
Yujo Power Station
Installed capacity54,000 kW

Washi Dam (鷲ダム, Washi damu) is a hydroelectric power Arch-gravity dam on the Kuzuryū River system in the city of Ōno in Fukui Prefecture, Japan. The dam has a height of 45 meters and is owned by the Electric Power Development Company (J-Power). It is paired with the Nagano Power Station and the Kuzuryu Dam as a Pumped-storage reservoir.

Construction of the dam began in 1957; however, the pumped storage facility was not part of the original design and was added later at the insistence of the Ministry of International Trade and Industry. The dam was completed in 1968.