Washington's 9th congressional district

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Washington's 9th congressional district
WA CD 09-2013.pdf
  Adam Smith
Population (2019)751,595
Median household
Cook PVID+21[2]

Washington's 9th congressional district encompasses a long, somewhat narrow area in Western Washington through the densely populated central Puget Sound region, from Tacoma in the south to Bellevue in the north. Since 1997, the 9th District has been represented in the U.S. House of Representatives by Adam Smith, a Democrat from Bellevue.

Established after the 1990 U.S. Census, the 9th District was originally drawn as a "fair fight" district. The first representative from the 9th District, Mike Kreidler (D), was defeated after one term by Republican Randy Tate; Tate, in turn, was defeated after one term by Smith. Since being first elected in 1996, Smith's moderate voting record and a strong Democratic trend in the Puget Sound region turned the formerly contentious district into a fairly safe Democratic seat.

Al Gore and John Kerry each carried the 9th District with 53% in 2000 and 2004, respectively. Barack Obama won the district in 2008 with 59% of the vote.

In 2011, the state began the process of redistricting in response to population changes determined by the 2010 census. In the final report by the bipartisan redistricting commission issued in January 2012 shifted the 9th District to the north. It now covers Bellevue, Southeast Seattle, and Mercer Island, but only goes as far south as the southern tip of Commencement Bay in Tacoma. As of the 2012 re-districting, it is now a majority-minority district. It is also the second-most Democratic district in the state; only the neighboring 7th District, covering the rest of Seattle, is more Democratic.

The district from 2003 to 2013


Election results from presidential races
Year office Results[3][4]
2020 President Biden 73 - 24%
2016 President Clinton 71 - 23%
2012 President Obama 68 - 30%
2008 President Obama 59 - 39%
2004 President Kerry 53 - 46%
2000 President Gore 54 - 42%
1996 President Clinton 51 - 36%
1992 President Clinton 42 - 31%

List of members representing the district[edit]

(District Home)
Party Term Cong
Electoral history
District created January 3, 1993
Mike Kreidler.jpg
Mike Kreidler
Democratic January 3, 1993 –
January 3, 1995
103rd Elected in 1992.
Lost re-election.
Randy Tate.jpg
Randy Tate
Republican January 3, 1995 –
January 3, 1997
104th Elected in 1994.
Lost re-election.
US Congressman Adam Smith (born 1965).jpg
Adam Smith
Democratic January 3, 1997 –
Elected in 1996.
Re-elected in 1998.
Re-elected in 2000.
Re-elected in 2002.
Re-elected in 2004.
Re-elected in 2006.
Re-elected in 2008.
Re-elected in 2010.
Re-elected in 2012.
Re-elected in 2014.
Re-elected in 2016.
Re-elected in 2018.
Re-elected in 2020.

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