Washington's War

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Washington's War
Designer(s) Mark Herman
Illustrator(s) Charles Kibler
Harald Lieske
Rodger B. MacGowan
Mark Simonitch
John Trumbull
Publisher(s) GMT Games
Players 2
Age range 12 and up
Setup time 5 minutes
Playing time 90-120 minutes
Random chance Medium (Dice, Cards)
Skill(s) required Strategy
Card Management

Washington's War is a card-driven board wargame from GMT Games designed by Mark Herman. The game is set in during the American Revolutionary War and the map depicts the east coast of the United States. One player controls the American forces and the other player the British. The game is designed for two players and takes between ninety minutes and two hours to play.

Washington's War was published in 2010 and is a reprint and upgrade of the Avalon Hill game We the People, first published in 1994.

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