Washington Island Stavkirke

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Washington Island Stavkirke
Stavkirke, Washington Island.jpg
AffiliationEvangelical Lutheran Church of America
LeadershipTrinity Evangelical Lutheran Church
LocationWashington Island, Wisconsin
Architect(s)Pat Mangan
StyleStave church

Washington Island Stavkirke is a Stave Church located in Washington Island, Wisconsin. It is owned and operated by Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church and is positioned a few hundred yards away from it.

The construction[edit]

The volunteer led construction of the church began in 1983 and was modeled after the Borgund Stave Church bult in 1150 Borgund, Lærdal, Norway. It was created to reflect the Scandinavian heritage of Washington Island and was originally proposed by James Reiff, who was the acting pastor of Trinity Evangelical Luthern church from 1978–1985.[1][2][3] The building has twelve 18-foot masts all harvested locally from Washington Island. Eleven of the masts are Pine and one is White Fir. 9,600 four inch wide shingles make up the six-tiered roof of the Stavkirke.[4] The church was completed and dedicated in the summer of 1995.[5]

Its use[edit]

Around 5,000 people visit the Stavkirke annually. During the summer there is a weekly Wednesday service that is held in the building. Both weddings and baptisms are held at the building through requests.[5]


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Coordinates: 45°22′37.6″N 86°55′26.8″W / 45.377111°N 86.924111°W / 45.377111; -86.924111