Washington National Guard Museum

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Washington National Guard Museum
WANG Museum 2014.jpg
Museum in 2014
Washington National Guard Museum is located in Washington (state)
Washington National Guard Museum
The present museum building in Washington state
Established 1989 (1989)[1]
Location Building #2 (The Arsenal)
Camp Murray, Washington
Coordinates 47°06′54″N 122°33′53″W / 47.1150°N 122.5647°W / 47.1150; -122.5647Coordinates: 47°06′54″N 122°33′53″W / 47.1150°N 122.5647°W / 47.1150; -122.5647
Type Military museum
Website Official website

The Washington National Guard Museum, also known as The Arsenal Museum, is a military museum of the Washington National Guard. It is located at the Washington National Guard headquarters at Camp Murray, visible from Interstate 5 near Lakewood, Washington.

The museum is run by Washington National Guard State Historical Society volunteers.


The collection includes (inside) military artifacts and memorabilia including National Guard weapons, uniforms and diaries, and outside, static displays including an M47 Patton tank, F-101 Voodoo jet fighter,[2] and AH-1 Cobra attack helicopter.[3][4]

The Arsenal[edit]

The Arsenal, 1921. Tacoma Public Library Boland Collection

The building housing the museum, The Arsenal, was built in 1915–1916.[4][5] It predates the nearby Lewis Army Museum, just as the National Guard's Camp Murray is a generation older than the adjacent and larger Fort Lewis (now Joint Base Lewis-McChord).[6]


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