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The Washington Secondary Bike path includes several bridges.

The Washington Secondary Rail Trail (also known as the Washington Secondary Bike Path) is a rail trail located in Rhode Island.

The trail measures 19 miles (31 km) [1] and has sections which are paved and unpaved. It runs along an abandoned rail corridor of the former Providence, Hartford, & Fishkill Railroad.

The trail serves the communities of Coventry, West Warwick, Warwick, and Cranston.

Long term plans envision the Washington Secondary Rail Trail connecting with the Blackstone River Bikeway, the East Bay Bike Path and the Moosup Valley State Park Trail in Connecticut.[2] The Washington Secondary Rail Trail is a designated section of the East Coast Greenway.

Coventry section[edit]

  • Coventry
  • distance 9.1 miles (14.6 km)

The Washington Secondary Bike Path starts near the Summit General Store on Log Bridge Road at the south/western paved end of the Coventry segment. West of this point, the trail is known as the Trestle Trail to the Ct state line. The pavement continues for 9.1 miles (14.6 km) north/east until the town line with West Warwick. Over the duration of the 4.0 paved miles, the Coventry greenway passes alongside the Flat River Reservoir, Knotty Oak Cemetery, the Merrill S. Whipple Conservation Area, and the upper branch of the Pawtuxtet river over 4 bridges (3 water, 1 road, 1 of them a truss design). The path follows the direction of RI 117.

In 2014 the original Coventry Greenway section was rehabilitated and the 4.8 miles (7.7 km) Trestle Trail East section was added, extending the western end by almost five miles. Connecting the last section to the Connecticut border (and connection to the Moosup Valley State Park Trail) is planned which would bring the total length of the path to 24.0 miles (38.6 km).[3]

West Warwick section[edit]

The trail is paved from the Coventry section to the Warwick leg. The right of way passes by the commercial district of Arctic. Along the trail are two mills, one commercial/industry, and one Residential (Royal Mills, Ace Dying Mill complex). Bradford Soap Works straddles the greenway not far after.

Warwick section[edit]

  • Warwick
  • distance 1.57 miles (2.53 km)

It provides an almost direct connection to Bald Hill road and the Malls; (RI and Warwick). Another truss bridge is on the path nearby the West Warwick sewer treatment facility (the township line is nearby the greenway).

Cranston section[edit]

  • Cranston
  • distance 5.88 miles (9.46 km)

The longest paved section, the greenway passes though Oaklawn, Knightsville and the Gladstone sections of Cranston. The northern terminus at the moment ends at the northern end of Garfield avenue, at the Cranston Police department. The right of way, accessible almost up to the tracks continues north for .33 miles until it merges with Amtrak's Northeast Corridor.

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