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Washingtonienne is a pilot episode for a proposed HBO comedy series developed by Sarah Jessica Parker and Jason Blum. After reviewing the pilot, HBO did not order the series.


Kate Burton, Rachael Taylor, Bitsie Tulloch, and Amanda Walsh starred in the pilot, which is based on Jessica Cutler's scandalous blog-turned-novel and is executive produced by Sarah Jessica Parker and Jason Blum. David Furr also landed a role on the show, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Jason Dohring came on board as Spencer and Kahil Dotay as the comic relief character "Adam"


The show was to follow the exploits of Jackie (Rachael Taylor), who moves to Washington, D.C. to pursue a career as a speechwriter but finds herself in a low-level job as a congressional staffer. She seeks guidance from a college friend who's living a quiet life with her boyfriend, who has a professional crush on the senator for whom he works. Walsh will play a workaholic fellow staffer. Dohring[1] plays Spencer, a senior legislative assistant for the same senator for whom Jackie works.

Head writers Susanna Fogel[2][3][4][5][6] and Joni Lefkowitz[7] appeared to take Cutler's story in a somewhat different direction. Cutler's blog detailed her sexual conquests in D.C., which got her fired after her name was made public and sued for invasion of privacy by one of her supposed former lovers. The show, per the HR, was to center on the aforementioned "three smart, sophisticated 28-year-old girls working on the Hill."


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