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Washir is located in Afghanistan
Location within Afghanistan[1]
Coordinates: 32°06′N 63°57′E / 32.10°N 63.95°E / 32.10; 63.95
Country Afghanistan
ProvinceHelmand Province
 • Total15,200
U.S. Camp Leatherneck, located inside the Washir district of Helmand Province.

Washir (also spelt Washer or Washar)[3] is a district in the west of Helmand Province, Afghanistan. Its population was reported in 2012 as 15,200,[2] from the Pashtun ethnic group believed to be of Noorzai tribe. The district centre is the village of Washir. The district of Washer borders Farah province to the north and is 80 kilometres south of Lashkar Gah.

Residents of Washer district lack basic amenities such as clean drinking water, health clinics, schools and other facilities.[4]

Taliban Insurgency[edit]

In June 2011, Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF) recaptured the district from Taliban insurgents during an operation involving ANA troops from the 215th Maiwand Military Corps, ending the four-year reign of the Taliban. The offensive succeeded because the capacity of local forces had increased and the fighters had lost local support as a result the Taliban did not put up any resistance. Efforts are being made to make government departments functional to resolve residents' problems within the district.


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