Washuk District

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Washuk District
Washuk District
Balochistan Dist Washak.svg
Country Pakistan
Province Balochistan
Established 2007
Headquarters Washuk
 • Deputy Commissioner Salahuddin Norzai
 • Commissioner Dr. Muhammad Akbar Harifal
 • Total 29,510 km2 (11,390 sq mi)
Time zone PST (UTC+5)

Washuk District (Balochi: ضلع) is a district in Balochistan province of Pakistan. Washuk town, the district headquarters, is located at the center of the district.


Washuk District was once part of Kharan District in Balochistan province. It was declared a separate district in 2007, but its governance issues are largely managed by Kharan’s district administration.[1]

Washuk District is further subdivided into 3 tehsils or subdistricts, 10 union councils and 216 mauzas (villages).[2]


Washuk District is spread over 29,510 km2, of which 71,520 hectares is arable. The rest consists mostly of barren desert and mountains of the Central Makran Range.[2]


According to the Alif Ailaan Pakistan District Education Rankings 2014, Washuk is ranked 131 out of 146 districts in Pakistan in terms of the quality of education. For facilities and infrastructure, the district is ranked 132 out of 146. [3] A detailed picture of the district's education performance is also available online. [4]


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