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Waskada is a village in the southwestern corner of the Canadian province of Manitoba, close to the border with the United States. Originally formed in 1900, it now within the Municipality of Brenda – Waskada.

The population of Waskada in 2006 was 199, a decline of 4.33% from its 2001 Census figure of 208. Waskada has a museum, golf course, community centre, post office, rink, cafe, store and a hall. Waskada also has a Kindergarten to 12 grade school called Waskada School. In 2000 the school had an estimated 73 people and in 2010 had an estimated 85 people.In 2011\12 the school has 93 kids from K to 12

Waskada is the centre of a large oil boom in 2011, which is causing a sharp rise in population and is bring in services and contributing to the local economy.


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Coordinates: 49°05′48″N 100°48′07″W / 49.09667°N 100.80194°W / 49.09667; -100.80194