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Ennimir, a King of the Wassa (by Gramberg, Litho. 1861)

The Wassa are an Akan people who live predominantly in Ghana.

One of the best-known Wassa towns is Tarkwa, one of the highest producers of gold in Akanland. Some other Wassa towns are: Samreboi, Asankrangwa, Manso-Amenfi, Wasa Akropong, Ankwaso, Amoanda, Bawdie, Oppong Valley, Nkonya, Bogoso, Prestea, Huni Valley, Aboso, Daboase, Nsuta, Nsuaem, Ateiku, Ango, Apemenyim, Benso, Wassa Simpa and Mpohor. Wassa is the largest tribe in Western Region in terms of land and population. Wassa's land covers 9,638 km2 almost the same as Central Region (9,791 km2). Western Region covers 24,293 km2. They are the only Twi speaking people in Western Region.


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