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Ennimir, a King of the Wasa (by Gramberg, Litho. 1861)

The Wasa are Akan people who live predominantly in Ghana.[1][2]


Wasa territory covers 9,638 km2 (3,721 sq mi), almost the same as Central Region (9,826 km2 (3,794 sq mi)); Western Region as a whole now covers 14,293 km2 (5,519 sq mi).[3]

The prominent towns in Wasa are: Samreaboi, Asankrangwa, Manso-Amenfi, Wasa Akropong, Bawdie, Bogoso, Prestea, Tarkwa, Daboase, Nsuta and Mpohor.[4]

Wasa is the largest tribe in Western Region in terms of land and population.[1]


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