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Wasteland, or 'The Wasteland Party' is a bi-annual fetish event held in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Wasteland is one of the biggest fetish events in the world. At the same time, it is one of the longest running fetish events. Being the first fetish event of its kind since its inception in 1994. Wasteland has about 6,000–8,000 visitors, over 40 acts and more than five stages every year. Besides fetish performances, there are DJs (deephouse music, house music and disco), VJs, cinema and fashion shows by couturiers. The event is currently held in the Northseavenue.

Wasteland held its first edition outside of the Netherlands in 2011. The KitKatClub in Berlin was the venue for this event. Wasteland Berlin is now held once a year in October at the Kitkatclub.

Since 2017, Wasteland also has a summer edition, called Wasteland Summerfest, held in July.


Wasteland began in 1994 in Amsterdam. Its main goal was to bring fetishism out of the underground and expose it to a wider audience. Open-mindedness and tolerance are still key elements during this event. Outrageous partying gay, straight and bi-sexual fetishists caused commotion in the city of Amsterdam. It was something that had been seen never before. There was a gangway build between Club Richter and Cafe Blitz in the Reguliersdwarsstraat for the event. The beautifully dressed guests could be admired by passersby from the street. Pictures of this were shared all over the world.

Flyer art[edit]

Wasteland is known for its controversial and artistic flyers. They became collector's items over the years. Shot by photographers such as Marcel van der Vlugt, Carli Hermès, Fritz Kok, Edland Man, Fotofloor and Erwin Olaf.


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