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Vasily Tyapinski

Wasyl Ciapiński (Belarusian: Vasily Ciapinski (Васіль Мікалаевіч Цяпінскі-Амельяновіч); Polish: Wasyl Ciapiński, Omelianowicz; Russian: Vasily Tyapinski) (1540s in Vitebsk Voivodeship – c. 1604) was a Belarusian-Lithuanian noble, humanist, educator, writer, publisher and translator from the Grand Duchy of Lithuania known for translating the Bible into the Belarusian language.[1] He was behind the printing of the "Moscow Gospel" in the 1570s,[2] and is regarded as one of the early facilitators of Belarusian printed literature.[3] His Bible is sometimes understood to have been printed in Ukrainian[4] but is today generally regarded as Belarusian language.

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