Wat Ku Tao

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Wat Ku Tao
Wat Ku Tao 1801765495 n 2.jpg
SectTheravada Buddhism
DistrictMueang Chiang Mai District
ProvinceChiang Mai Province
MunicipalityChiang Mai
Wat Ku Tao is located in Thailand
Wat Ku Tao
Shown within Thailand
Geographic coordinates18°48′09″N 98°59′19″E / 18.802366°N 98.988744°E / 18.802366; 98.988744Coordinates: 18°48′09″N 98°59′19″E / 18.802366°N 98.988744°E / 18.802366; 98.988744

Wat Ku Tao (Thai: วัดกู่เต้า; "Temple of the Gourd Pagoda") is a Buddhist temple in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The temple was built in 1613 to enshrine the remains of Nawrahta Minsaw, the first Burmese ruler of Lan Na.[1] The temple is known for its distinctive chedi, which was built in the Yunnanese style, arranged in a series of five diminishing spheres that represent the five historical and future Buddhas.[1] The temple presently caters to Chiang Mai's Shan community.[2]


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