Wat Ounalom

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Wat Ounalom
Chùa Campuchia - panoramio (2).jpg
Wat Ounalom from the east
AffiliationTheravada Buddhism
Wat Ounalom is located in Cambodia
Wat Ounalom
Shown within Cambodia
Geographic coordinates11°34′05″N 104°55′47″E / 11.56806°N 104.92972°E / 11.56806; 104.92972Coordinates: 11°34′05″N 104°55′47″E / 11.56806°N 104.92972°E / 11.56806; 104.92972

Wat Ounalom (Khmer: វត្តឧណ្ណាលោម; Khmer pronunciation: [ʋɔət ʔunnaːloːm]) (also Wat Unnalom and several other spellings) is a wat located on Sisowath Quay in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, near the Royal Palace of Cambodia.[1] As the seat of Cambodia's Mohanikay order, it is the most important wat of Phnom Penh, and the center of Cambodian Buddhism. It was established in 1443 and consists of 44 structures.[2] It was damaged during the Khmer Rouge period but has since been restored.[2] The main complex houses a stupa that contains what is believed to be an eyebrow hair of Buddha and an inscription in Pali.[2]


The name of Wat Ounalom commemorates one of the holiest relics in Cambodia, a hair (lom) from the whorl (unna) between the eyebrows of the Buddha.



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