Wat Phothivihan

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Reclining Buddha in Wat Photivihan, Kelantan.

Wat Photivihan (Thai: วัดโพธิวิหาร; RTGSWat Phothiwihan) is a Buddhist temple in Tumpat District, Kelantan, Malaysia. The temple is one of 25 temples found in Tumpat, and is one of the most popular in the country.[1] The temple houses a 40-metre statue of a sleeping Buddha, which is the longest of its kind in Southeast Asia.[2] The devotees of this temple are mainly ethnic Thais, and the temple itself is a typical Thai Buddhist temple.

There is a Chinese Pavilion and a Tibetan style hall featuring a statue of the Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara with 18 arms.

The compound also includes accommodation for monks and visitors. There is plenty of free parking and entrance to the temple is free. Donations are always welcome.

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