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Wat Si Muang or Simuong (Lao: ວັດສີເມືອງ) is a Buddhist temple in Vientiane, the capital of Laos.


The temple was built in 1563, in the former Kingdom of Lan Xang.

Located near the eastern entrance to the city center, on the road leading from the Friendship Bridge to Thailand, the small temple was built on the ruins of a Khmer Empire Hindu shrine, the remains of which can be seen behind the ordination hall.

A Buddha statue at the temple

A statue of King Sisavang Vong stands in front of Wat Simuang.

There is a legend that pregnant women at the time of construction were given to as sacrifice to God.[1]


Inside, the temple is unusual in being divided into two rooms. The front room is quiet, with a monk usually on hand to give blessings. The rear room houses the large main altar, with statues and images of the Buddha.[2]



Coordinates: 17°57′28″N 102°37′02″E / 17.9579°N 102.6171°E / 17.9579; 102.6171