Wat Sing District

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Wat Sing
Amphoe location in Chainat Province
Amphoe location in Chainat Province
Coordinates: 15°15′19″N 100°2′17″E / 15.25528°N 100.03806°E / 15.25528; 100.03806Coordinates: 15°15′19″N 100°2′17″E / 15.25528°N 100.03806°E / 15.25528; 100.03806
Country  Thailand
Province Chainat
Seat Makham Thao
 • Total 315.318 km2 (121.745 sq mi)
Population (2008)
 • Total 2,632,789
 • Density 83.5/km2 (216/sq mi)
Time zone THA (UTC+7)
Postal code 17120
Geocode 1803

Wat Sing (Thai: วัดสิงห์) is a district (Amphoe) in the northern part of Chainat Province, central Thailand.


Neighboring districts are (from the northeast clockwise) Manorom, Mueang Chainat, Hankha and Nong Mamong of Chainat Province, Nong Khayang and Mueang Uthai Thani of Uthai Thani Province.


The district is subdivided into 7 subdistricts (tambon), which are further subdivided into 47 villages (muban). Wat Sing is a subdistrict municipality (thesaban tambon) which covers the whole tambon Wat Sing. There are further 6 Tambon administrative organizations (TAO).

No. Name Thai Villages Inh.[1]
01. Wat Sing วัดสิงห์ - 4,028
02. Makham Thao มะขามเฒ่า 11 5,174
03. Nong Noi หนองน้อย 8 3,744
04. Nong Bua หนองบัว 5 2,755
06. Nong Khun หนองขุ่น 8 3,443
07. Bo Rae บ่อแร่ 7 2,886
11. Wang Man วังหมัน 8 4,359

Missing numbers are tambon which now form Nong Mamong district.


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