No Matter How I Look at It, It's You Guys' Fault I'm Not Popular!

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No Matter How I Look at It, It's You Guys' Fault I'm Not Popular!
Cover of first volume published by Square Enix featuring Tomoko Kuroki.
(Watashi ga Motenai no wa Dō Kangaetemo Omaera ga Warui!)
GenreBlack comedy, cringe comedy,[1] slice of life[2]
Written byNico Tanigawa
Published bySquare Enix
English publisher
MagazineGangan Online
Original runAugust 4, 2011 – present
Volumes16 (List of volumes)
Watashi no Tomodachi ga Motenai no wa dō Kangaete mo Omaera ga Warui.
Written byNico Tanigawa
Published bySquare Enix
MagazineGangan Joker
Original runJanuary 22, 2013July 22, 2015
Anime television series
Directed byShin Ōnuma
Written byTakao Yoshioka
Music bySadesper Record
StudioSilver Link
Licensed by
Original networkTV Tokyo, TV Aichi, TV Osaka, AT-X
Original run July 8, 2013 September 23, 2013
Episodes12 + OVA[3] (List of episodes)
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No Matter How I Look at It, It’s You Guys' Fault I’m Not Popular! (Japanese: 私がモテないのはどう考えてもお前らが悪い!, Hepburn: Watashi ga Motenai no wa Dō Kangaetemo Omaera ga Warui!), commonly referred to as WataMote (わたモテ), is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by two people under the pseudonym Nico Tanigawa. It began serialization on Square Enix's Gangan Online service from August 4, 2011 and is published by Yen Press in North America. A 4-panel spin-off manga was serialized in Gangan Joker between January 2013 and July 2015. An anime television adaptation by Silver Link aired in Japan between July and September 2013.

The anime adaptation was praised for its portrayal of the main character, but was also controversial in its treatment of social anxiety.


15-year-old Tomoko Kuroki believes that she would become popular upon entering high school because she has become well-versed in the world of otome games. In reality, she finds that she has become an unsociable loner, though she still forces herself to try out what she has learned about achieving popularity. As she progresses through high school, Tomoko attempts to improve her social status among her peers.


Main characters[edit]

Tomoko Kuroki (黒木 智子, Kuroki Tomoko)
Voiced by: Izumi Kitta[4] (Japanese); Monica Rial (English)[5]
As the lead character, Tomoko is often depicted as a desperate, lonely, and deranged girl who is characterized by her social anxiety, vivid facial expressions, and bags under her eyes. She has a grim outlook on life, as most of her thoughts involve insulting others or herself. She spends most of her days playing otome games and browsing the web.
Yū Naruse (成瀬 優, Naruse Yū)
Voiced by: Kana Hanazawa[4] (Japanese); Emily Neves (English)
Yū is Tomoko's best and possibly only friend. Initially a dorky-looking girl, she enters high school with newfound blonde hair and large breasts (much to Tomoko's jealousy). Despite her radical makeover and having a boyfriend, who she later breaks up with, she still regards Tomoko as her best friend. She is the star of the 4-panel spin-off manga.
Tomoki Kuroki (黒木 智貴, Kuroki Tomoki)
Voiced by: Yuichi Nakamura[4] (Japanese); David Matranga (English)
Tomoko's gloomy younger brother. He is often annoyed by her odd behavior, and sometimes gets into fights with her. Because he has friends and is a talented soccer player, Tomoko occasionally intrudes upon his room for advice.

Family members[edit]

Kii (きーちゃん, Kī-chan) / Kiko Satozaki (里崎 希心, Satozaki Kiko)
Voiced by: Rie Kugimiya (Japanese); Juliet Simmons (English)
Tomoko's little cousin who has just entered middle school. Initially looking up to Tomoko as a big sister, she later begins to pity her after she realizes she lies just to impress her.
Tomoko's mother (智子の母親, Tomoko no Hahaoya)
Voiced by: Risa Hayamizu (Japanese); Shelley Calene-Black (English)
Tomoko and Tomoki's mother, who is often concerned about her daughter's well-being.


Kotomi Komiyama (小宮山 琴美, Komiyama Kotomi)
Voiced by: Kaori Mizuhashi (Japanese)
Tomoko and Yuu's classmate in middle school, who first appears in the spin-off manga and is later revealed to be attending Tomoko's high school. She and Tomoko outright dislike one another, only pretending to get along when Yuu is around. She has a crush on Tomoki but constantly has her standing with him ruined by Tomoko.
Megumi Imae (今江 恵美, Imae Megumi)
Voiced by: Ai Nonaka (Japanese); Juliet Simmons (English)
The kind-hearted student council president at Tomoko's school, who has shown the most amount of affection towards Tomoko.
Masaki Yoshida (吉田 茉咲, Yoshida Masaki)
Tomoko's classmate who has a scary appearance and is often referred to as a delinquent by Tomoko. She often acts violent towards Tomoko when she goes too far, but also likes cute things.
Yuri Tamura (田村 ゆり, Tamura Yuri)
Tomoko's classmate who is often seen with Yoshida and Mako. Often silent and gloomy, she gets upset whenever Tomoko gets along with other people.
Mako Tanaka (田中 真子, Tanaka Mako)
Tomoko's classmate and Yuri's best friend. She is generally kind-hearted, though a misunderstanding causes Tomoko to believe she's a lesbian.
Hina Nemoto (根元 陽菜, Nemoto Hina)
Voiced by: Yuko Kurose (Japanese)
Tomoko's classmate who secretly wants to become a voice actress. Initially considered part of the popular crowd, she becomes more open with her true nature after Tomoko learns of her dream.
Emiri Uchi (内 笑美莉, Uchi Emiri)
Tomoko's classmate, nicknamed Ucchi (うっちー, Utchī) by her friends, who becomes increasingly conscious of Tomoko's behavior and eventually develops an obsession with her. She is often noted for having an expression like an emoji.
Asuka Katō (加藤 明日香, Katō Asuka)
A stylish gyaru who is kind towards Tomoko, who admires her as a motherly figure.
Koharu Minami (南 小陽, Minami Koharu)
A girl with a fanged appearance who is friends with Mako and often speaks badly of Tomoko.
Akane Okada (岡田 茜, Okada Akane)
Hina's best friend who has a distinguished hairstyle.
Akari Iguchi (井口 朱里, Iguchi Akari)
A girl in Tomoko's school who is in love with Tomoki, but constantly has her reputation bashed by Tomoko.
Hikari Itou (伊藤 光, Itou Hikari)
Kotomi's best friend, who is often bewildered by her creepier moments.
Ogino (荻野, Ogino)
Tomoko's eccentric homeroom teacher who often encourages her to make friends, much to her chagrin.
Shizuku Hirasawa (平沢雫, Hirasawa Shizuku)
A first year student who admires Tomoko for helping her pass her entrance exams. She has trouble making female friends for reasons unknown to her.



Written by two people under the pseudonym Nico Tanigawa, WataMote began serialization on Square Enix's Gangan Online service from August 4, 2011.[6] The first tankōbon volume was released on January 21, 2012, with 5 volumes and an official fan book released as of September 21, 2013.[7][8][9] An anthology was released on June 22, 2013.[10] The second volume, released on May 22, 2012, ranked #10 in the Oricon charts in its opening week.[11] As of July 2013, the series has printed over 1.5 million copies.[12] The manga gained popularity overseas after fan translations of the series were posted on the English speaking imageboard 4chan, the Western equivalent of Japan's Futaba Channel.[13] Yen Press has licensed the manga in North America and the UK and began releasing the series from October 29, 2013.[2][14] A spin-off 4-panel manga series, Watashi no Tomodachi ga Motenai no wa Dō Kangaetemo Omaera ga Warui. (私の友達がモテないのはどう考えてもお前らが悪い。, lit. No Matter How I Look at It, It's You Guys' Fault My Friend's Not Popular.), known as TomoMote (トモモテ) for short, ran in Square Enix's Gangan Joker magazine between January 22, 2013 and July 22, 2015.[15]

In the Yen Press English version, individual chapters are called "Fails" and are preceded with the title "I'm Not Popular, So".[16]

No.Japanese release dateJapanese ISBNEnglish release dateEnglish ISBN
1 January 21, 2012[17]ISBN 978-4-757-53480-3October 29, 2013[18]ISBN 978-0-31-624316-2
  1. I'll try a little makeover.
  2. I'll be shy.
  3. I'll see an old friend.
  4. I'll take a little detour.
  5. I'll take shelter.
  1. I'll play video games.
  2. I'll just live my life.
  3. I'll focus on the unseen.
  4. I'll draw a portrait.
Tomoko Kuroki is a "mojyo", a girl who has no experience with boys. She starts high school but after two months, has not made any friends or met any boys. She gives herself a makeover in hair, glasses, and facial expression. Later, she tries to socialize with her younger brother. She meets with her friend Yuu-chan, a middle school classmate who has since become very good looking. While her classmates go for karaoke, Tomoko visits a bookstore instead, but then encounters the classmates at a fast food place afterwards. While it rains, she gets stuck at a rest stop with some boys. After overhearing that girls who have had sex generate more hormones to look better, she plays more otome games at home. Tomoko feels a bit sick at school. She and Yuu shop for panties. She and a boy have to draw each other for a make-up art assignment.
2 May 22, 2012[19]ISBN 978-4-757-53597-8January 21, 2014[16]ISBN 978-0-31-632204-1
  1. I'll be expressionless.
  2. I'll trust my fortune a bit.
  3. I'll go see the fireworks.
  4. I'll revel in the summer break.
  5. I'll be a show-off.
  1. I'll have a reunion.
  2. I'll redeem myself.
  3. I'll go to a meet and greet.
  4. Summer is ending.
  • Special chapter
Tomoko tries to go the whole day without showing expression. She suffers a string of bad luck. At the end of the first term, she tries to find someone to watch fireworks. She spends a week of summer break doing practically nothing. She tries to look mature when her younger cousin Kii visits, and pretends to be in a relationship with a guy she meets at the library. Kii observes Tomoko at a candy store where the latter plays collectible card games. At a meet and greet, she has the voice actor from one of her otome games record an embarrassing line for her. During the Cygnids meteor shower,[20] she struggles to find a boy to share the experience. In the special chapter, Tomoko goes shopping and wins a massage wand.
3 December 22, 2012[21]ISBN 978-4-757-53818-4April 22, 2014[22]ISBN 978-0-31-632205-8
  1. Second term is starting.
  2. I'll make preparations.
  3. I'll be in the culture fest.
  4. I'll get my picture taken.
  5. The weather's lousy.
  1. I'll get groped.
  2. I'll nurse the sick.
  3. I'll start my own club.
  4. I'll have a nice dream.
Tomoko's class changes seating, but Tomoko does not make new friends and hides in a group of desks during lunch. In prepping for the school's culture festival, she tries to fit in by taking on miscellaneous jobs. During the festival, she meets up with her friend Yuu. She tries a purikura photo booth. She has a rainy bad hair day and looks for her umbrella. She is bothered that she is not attractive enough to be groped on a train but then it happens. Following an accident in P.E., Tomoko returns home where she nurses her brother who has a cold in order to try to catch it. She tries to start a school club. In order to experience lewd dreams, she tries sleeping on her stomach.
4 June 22, 2013[23]ISBN 978-4-757-53980-8July 22, 2014[24]ISBN 978-0-31-637674-7
  1. I'll try out the nightlife
  2. I'll make a cake.
  3. I'll run.
  4. I'll be delusional.
  5. The year's ending.
  • Special chapter 2
    1. I'll greet the New Year.
    2. I'll stand out.
    3. I'll mother my brother.
    4. I'll become an adult.
Tomoko reconsiders working as a cabaret girl after visiting the red light district. She tries for a job making cakes, only to end up with a not-so-glamorous factory job. On the school run, she needs to go to the bathroom. She is embarrassed when Yuu reminds her of her delusional career plans from middle school. She is surprised finding her brother's affectionate essay from elementary school. She is invited to a Christmas party, but wanders off to spend time alone. On a New Year's shrine visit with Kii, she is embarrassed by Kii's maturity. When a cockroach enters the class, she kills it hoping to be praised as a hero, only to leave a less than desirable impression on her classmates. She forgets to mail Tomoki's high school application and tries to get his forgiveness. On her birthday, she catches up with Yuu over coffee.
5 September 21, 2013[25]ISBN 978-4-757-54064-4October 28, 2014[26]ISBN 978-0-31-633609-3
  1. I'll attend graduation.
  2. I'll be misunderstood.
  3. I'll introduce myself.
  4. I'll build up my appeal.
  5. I'll use a point system.
  1. I'll just live my life (second year).
  2. I'll develop an interest in nudity.
  3. I'll study for exams.
  4. I'll kill time.
  5. I'll run into an old acquaintance.
6 March 22, 2014[27]ISBN 978-4-757-54025-5January 20, 2015[28]ISBN 978-0-31-625941-5
  1. I'll remember an old acquaintance.
  2. I'll fight low-key.
  3. I'll decide where to go.
  4. I'll hang out by myself in a twilit classroom.
  5. I'll take notice of the same sex.
  1. I'll write a song.
  2. Something good will happen.
  3. I'll won't change.
  4. It's Tanabata.
  • Special chapter 3
7 October 22, 2014[29]ISBN 978-4-757-54121-4May 19, 2015[30]ISBN 978-0-31-634201-8
  1. I'll worry about B.O.
  2. I'll start my second summer break.
  3. I'll waste time.
  4. I'll cheer them on.
  5. I'll become a dog.
  6. I'll terrorize
  1. I'll go back home.
  2. I want to prolong summer break.
  3. I'll do summer break in a trio.
  4. I'll go to the beach.
  5. I'll use the power of suggestion.
8 August 22, 2015[31]ISBN 978-4-757-54713-1March 22, 2016[32]ISBN 978-0-31-631494-7
  1. I'll become a princess.
  2. I'll idle through second term.
  3. I'll pick my group.
  4. I'll go shopping by myself.
  5. I'll depart.
  6. I'll arrive in Kyoto.
  1. I won't groom.
  2. I'll do a group activity.
  3. I'll buy souvenirs.
  4. I'll aim for the top.
  5. I'll embrace the second night.
  • Special chapter 4
9 March 22, 2016[33]ISBN 978-4-757-54911-1November 22, 2016[34]ISBN 978-0-31-655273-8
  1. I'll have a sleepless night.
  2. I'll do whatever i want.
  3. It's the last night of the class trip.
  4. I'll drop by Akihabara.
  5. I'll return to normal life.
  6. I'll tell a lie.
  1. A certain day in autumn.
  2. I'll get a pat on the head.
  3. the sports festival goes underway.
  4. I'll have a sports fest palate cleanser.
  5. I'll lose.
  • Special chapter 5
10 October 22, 2016[35]ISBN 978-4-757-55125-1July 18, 2017[36]ISBN 978-0-31-643971-8
  1. I'll forget something.
  2. I'll think about the future.
  3. I'll have a chance encounter.
  4. I'll suddenly get dragged into a game.
  5. I'll give someone a present.
  1. My little brother plays soccer.
  2. It's the end of autumn.
  3. I'll study for exams.
  4. I'll eat in the cafeteria.
  5. It's a winter rain.
  • Special chapter 6
11 March 22, 2017[37]ISBN 978-4-757-55277-7December 19, 2017[38]ISBN 978-0-31-641412-8
  1. I'm a friend of a friend.
  2. I won't change?
  3. I can get my feelings across.
  4. One winter break...
  5. I'll have the year's first dream.
  6. Kii-chan is not normal.
  1. I'll give in return.
  2. It's the last winter.
  3. I attract concern.
  4. Little bro has something on his mind.
  5. I'm at school on a snowy day.
  • Special chapter 7
12 February 22, 2018[39]ISBN 978-4-757-55624-9November 13, 2018[40]ISBN 978-1-97-532817-7
  1. I'll cheer on the examinees.
  2. I'll picture my New Game+.
  3. I'll enjoy Valentine's Day. part 1
  4. I'll enjoy Valentine's Day. part 2
  5. I'll enjoy Valentine's Day. part 3
  6. I'll attend my second graduation ceremony.
  7. I'll attend my second graduation ceremony. side story
  1. I'll greet the end of the second year.
  2. I'll get cocky.
  3. I'll go to a party.
  4. I'll attend the party.
  5. I'll hang out with Dad.
  6. I'll begin my third year.
13 July 21, 2018[41]ISBN 978-4-757-55777-2March 26, 2019[42]ISBN 978-1-975-30344-0
  1. Little Bro comes by class 3-5.
  2. There are friendships.
  3. The field trip begins.
  4. I'll get called by a nickname.
  5. I'll join in.
  1. I'll make the rounds.
  2. I'll explain.
  3. The field trip ends.
  4. We're field tripping all the way home.
  5. I'm a senpai with a kouhai
14 January 22, 2019[43]ISBN 978-4-7575-5976-9October 15, 2019[44]ISBN 978-1-9753-3182-5
  1. I'll make connections.
  2. People around me are Rowdy.
  3. I'll try on a mask (character).
  4. I'll recommend a manga.
  5. Golden Week is coming.
  1. I'll go to college.
  2. It's the reason im going to college.
  3. I'll take part in an open campus.
  4. I'll take Kii-chan to high school.
  5. I'll decide Kii-chans career path.
15 May 11, 2019[45]ISBN 978-4-7575-5976-9
  1. The three of us will study together.
  2. I'll call you by your first name.
    141.5. Book Walker Special Edition
  3. I'll go through a normal day.
  4. I'll wait for the rain to stop.
  1. I'll wander around alone.
  2. I'll shorten my skirt.
  3. I'll be a proper senpai.
  4. I'll bequeath a wreath.
16 November 12, 2019[46]ISBN 978-4-7575-6378-0


An anime television adaptation of the manga was announced to have been greenlit in an advertising for the third manga volume on December 20, 2012.[47] The television series was produced by Silver Link and aired in Japan between July 8 and September 23, 2013, while Crunchyroll simulcast the series for North America.[48][49] The series is directed by Shin Oonuma and written by Takao Yoshioka, with character design by Hideki Furukawa.[50] An original video animation episode was released with the seventh manga volume on October 22, 2014.[51] Sentai Filmworks licensed the series in North America and released it on Blu-ray and DVD on August 26, 2014.[52]

The opening theme is "Watashi ga Motenai no wa dō Kangaetemo Omaera ga Warui!" (私がモテないのはどう考えてもお前らが悪い!, "No Matter How I Look at It, It's You Guys' Fault I'm Not Popular!") by Konomi Suzuki and Kiba of Akiba, which reached #43 on the Japan Hot 100.[53] The main ending theme, featured in all but four episodes, is "Dō Kangaetemo Watashi wa Warukunai" (どう考えても私は悪くない, "No Matter How I Look At It, It's Not My Fault") by Izumi Kitta.[54] It charted at #79 in Japan.[53] The ending themes for episodes two and five are "Musō Renka" (夢想恋歌, Dream Love Song) and "Yoru no Tobari yo Sayōnara" (夜のとばりよ さようなら, Farewell, Veil of Darkness) respectively, both performed by Velvet, Kodhy. The ending theme for episode six is "Natsu Matsuri" (夏祭り, Summer Festival) by Utsu-P & Toka Minatsuki, featuring vocals by Hatsune Miku (a cover of the original 1990 hit song by Jitterin' Jinn). The ending theme for episode eleven in "Sokora no Chaku-Gurumi no Fūsen to Watashi" (そこらの着ぐるみの風船と私, Me and the Balloon I Got from the Costumed Person) by Velvet, Kodhy and µ.

Production credits[edit]

  • Series director: Shin Ōnuma[55]
  • Series writer: Takao Yoshioka[55]
  • Producer: Aimi Watanabe
  • Producer: Atsushi Aitani
  • Producer: Hayato Kaneko
  • Producer: Kaho Yamada
  • Producer: Makoto Ito[56]
  • Producer: Masatoshi Ishizuka
  • Producer: Sun Hye Moon
  • Producer: Toshiaki Tanaka
  • Chief animation director: Hideki Furukawa[55]
  • Character design: Hideki Furukawa[55]
  • Art director: Maki Morio (of Studio Uni)[57]
  • Composer: Narasaki and Watchman (as Sadesper Record)[55]
  • Music producer: Kazuo Shinohara[58]
  • Photography director: Kazuya Iwai (of Studio Shamrock)[59]
  • 3D director: Toshirō Hamamura (of Studio Shamrock)[59][60]
  • Editor: Kentarō Tsubone[57]
  • Sound director: Satoshi Motoyama[57][55]
  • Sound effects: Tsutomu Ueno

Episode list[edit]

No. Title[a] Directed and storyboarded by Written by Original airdate
1"Since I'm Not Popular, I'll Change My Image a Bit"
"Motenai shi, Chotto Imechen suru wa" (モテないし、ちょっとイメチェンするわ)
Shin ŌnumaTakao YoshiokaJuly 8, 2013 (2013-07-08)
Tomoko Kuroki believes she'd be popular upon entering high school, having spent countless hours playing otome games. However, two months has passed since she started high school and she hasn't so much as made a single friend, let alone get a boyfriend. After taking a good look in the mirror, she realizes she is not the popular girl she thought herself to be. Wanting to change, Tomoko comes to her brother, Tomoki, to try to learn how to have a conversation with a guy, which he does not appreciate one bit. The next day, Tomoko tries doing some 'high school girl' activities such as reading in a book shop and eating at a burger joint, though it does little to raise her esteem.
2"Since I'm Not Popular, I'll See My Old Friend"
"Motenai shi, Mukashi no Tomodachi ni Au" (モテないし、昔の友達に会う)
Masato JinboSawako HirabayashiJuly 15, 2013 (2013-07-15)
Tomoko receives a call from her old middle school friend, Yū Naruse, asking to meet up with her, though she becomes nervous about meeting her due to her uneventful high school life. Whilst trying to improve herself before her meeting, she ends up spending an annoyingly brief time with another boy in the art room due to skipping classes, though feels touched by the portrait he drew of her. On the day of the meeting, Tomoko is surprised to find that Yū's appearance has changed a lot since she last saw her, but feels relieved that she is still the same on the inside. After spending the day playing at the arcades, Tomoko feels encouraged by Yū to keep doing her best, only to become depressed again after hearing she has a boyfriend.
3"Since I'm Not Popular, the Weather's Bad"
"Motenai shi, Akutenkō" (モテないし、悪天候)
Jin TamamuraAyumi SekineJuly 22, 2013 (2013-07-22)
On a rainy day, Tomoko gets an earful from her teacher and a passerby and her umbrella breaks, forcing her to take shelter. As two other boys take shelter as well, she awkwardly attempts to make conversation with them. After being sent home early the next day after being hit by a basketball, Tomoko decides to tease Tomoki who is sick with a cold (caused by Tomoko herself), later becoming depressed when his female classmates came to deliver his homework.
4"Since I'm Not Popular, I'll Have a Good Dream"
"Motenai shi, Chotto Ii Yume Miru wa" (モテないし、ちょっといい夢見るわ)
Yoshinobu TokumotoTakayo IkamiJuly 29, 2013 (2013-07-29)
Tomoko tries to follow a guide to have an erotic dream, but only winds up having nightmares. Later, she end up being consistently stuck on a train, where she fears she is being molested only to find that she had just gotten snagged on another girl's naginata equipment. Afterwards, Tomoko asks Yū to help her shop for some underwear, though she later ends up embarrassing herself by mistaking her newly bought panties as a handkerchief. She soon feels better after winning a massager from a raffle ticket which came from a BL game.
5"Since I'm Not Popular, I'll Boost My Skills"
"Motenai shi, Sukiru Appu shitemiru" (モテないし、スキルアップしてみる)
Directed by: Yasuo Iwamoto
Storyboarded by: Masayoshi Nishida
Takayo IkamiAugust 5, 2013 (2013-08-05)
Tomoko attempts to become popular by playing as a cool, silent character, but this does not play out how she would have hoped. Later, she tries to get some photo stickers taken of her, though is less than pleased with the results. The next day, Tomoko contemplates taking up a job as a cabaret girl and decides to practise lighting cigarettes and mixing drinks. However, she becomes less eager when she travels to the red light district the following night.
6"Since I'm Not Popular, I'll Go See the Fireworks"
"Motenai shi, Hanabi ni Iku" (モテないし、花火に行く)
Tomoka NagaokaAyumi SekineAugust 12, 2013 (2013-08-12)
After noticing she looks somewhat cuter following a night of playing otome games, Tomoko believes she can grow even more cute by constantly playing games about sex, though unbeknownst to her, she is just getting greasier from not washing. Later, after spraying herself with soda, she believes she is getting looks from other boys, when really they are just noticing the ants crawling over her body as a result. The next day, Tomoko tries to find some people to go watch the fireworks with, to no avail. As Tomoko decides to go alone to an abandoned rooftop to watch the fireworks, she is joined by a pair of schoolboys and ends up watching a very different kind of 'fireworks' with them.
7"Since I'm Not Popular, I'll Enjoy Summer Vacation"
"Motenai shi, Natsuyasumi o Makitsu suru" (モテないし、夏休みを満喫する)
Junya KoshibaAyumi SekineAugust 19, 2013 (2013-08-19)
After spending several days doing nothing but playing games, reading manga and browsing the internet, Tomoko comes to the realization that she is wasting her summer vacation. To alleviate this, Tomoko buys a webcam in the hopes of becoming an internet personality, only to back out under the pressure. Later, she discovers she has a ticket enabling her to meet an otome game voice actor and request a line from him. After spending the whole night looking up what to make him say, she ends up cracking under pressure when she finally meets him and winds up giving a weird jumbled request. She attempts to remix it with her own voice to form a dubious dialogue, which her mother ends up listening to.
8"Since I'm Not Popular, I'll Put on Airs"
"Motenai shi, Mie o Haru" (モテないし、見栄をはる)
Jin TamamuraSawako HirabayashiAugust 26, 2013 (2013-08-26)
Tomoko grows anxious when she learns her cousin, Kī, is coming over, feeling she needs to look like a 'bitch' in order to back up the tall tales she had previously told her. She attempts to cover her body with vacuum cleaner hickeys, only to be scolded by her mother. While taking Kī to the library, Tomoko meets Kousaka, one of the boys she met while sheltering from the rain the other day, who Kī assumes to be Tomoko's boyfriend. The next day, they see him with another girl, prompting Kī to confront him, bringing Tomoko's bluff to light. With Kī's impression of her waning, Tomoko attempts to restore her faith by showing off her prowess in a children's card game. After noticing that Tomoko is nothing but a cheater, Kī starts to get a feeling of pity towards her.
9"Since I'm Not Popular, Summer Will End"
"Motenai shi, Natsu ga Owaru" (モテないし、夏が終わる)
Yoshinobu TokumotoTakayo IkamiSeptember 2, 2013 (2013-09-02)
After Tomoko visits a fancy café where Yū is helping out, she decides to take up a job making cakes in the hopes of also becoming trendy, only for it to turn out to be a not-so-glamorous factory job. Later, Tomoko's mother forces her to do some cleaning, where she finds an essay written years ago by Tomoki about how he used to admire his big sister. Afterwards, dejected, Tomoko goes to watch a meteor shower, later kept company by a stray cat.
10"Since I'm Not Popular, Second Term Is Starting"
"Motenai shi, Ni-gakki ga Hajimaru" (モテないし、二学期が始まる)
Directed by: Yoshinobu Tokumoto
Storyboarded by: Masayoshi Nishida
Takao YoshiokaSeptember 9, 2013 (2013-09-09)
The second school term begins and Tomoko is still as unpopular as ever, made worse when she is relocated into the center of the class. She manages to find herself a secret spot amongst a pile of unused desks where she can eat and play games in private during lunch breaks, but it is inevitably cleaned up. As the school prepares for a culture festival, Tomoko contemplates starting her own club, but it is ultimately denied due to it being too vague.
11"Since I'm Not Popular, I'll Participate in the Culture Festival"
"Motenai shi, Bunkasai ni Sankasuru" (モテないし、文化祭に参加する)
Tomoka NagaokaTakao YoshiokaSeptember 16, 2013 (2013-09-16)
Whilst trying to get involved with her class for the culture festival preparations, Tomoko cuts her hand but is helped out by the kind festival committee president, Megumi Imae. During the festival, Tomoko has little reason to enjoy herself, but nonetheless receives encouragement from Megumi. The next day, Tomoko is visited by Yū, hoping to get an intimate hug from her but nonetheless appreciating the time spent with her. Noticing Tomoko feeling downhearted after Yū leaves, Megumi borrows a mascot costume in order to give Tomoko a comforting hug.
12"Since I'm Not Popular, I'll Think About the Future"
"Motenai shi, Shōrai o Kangaeru" (モテないし、将来を考える)
Shin ŌnumaTakao YoshiokaSeptember 23, 2013 (2013-09-23)
As Tomoko reflects on her uneventful past and thinks about her future, she views Megumi as the kind of student she should aim to become. When a cockroach roams about the class, Tomoko kills it hoping to be praised as a hero, only to leave a less than desirable impression on her classmates. Later that day, Tomoko tries to initiate a conversation with Megumi, but runs off after a blustery wind ruins the mood, not staying to hear Megumi's words of praise about her. The episode ends with Tomoko reading the mojo definition from the first episode and laughing, saying that none of it matters, as she has apparently learned to be happy on her own terms rather than on society's.
OVA"Since I'm Not Popular, I'll Become an Enigma"
"Motenai shi, Nazomeitemiru" (モテないし、謎めいてみる)
Yoshinobu TokumotoTakao YoshiokaOctober 22, 2014 (2014-10-22)
Tomoko discusses with Yuu and Kii on how to make Watamote's second season a success, only to be informed that it's highly unlikely. During middle school, a boy named Aomatsu has an encounter with a mysterious girl on the school rooftop. However, this is simply revealed to be Tomoko playing around.


WataMote has been the subject of much discussion and debate,[61] particularly in its treatment of social anxiety and the main character Tomoko. Many have debated if the series is a comedy or a study of neurosis with many varying opinions on whether the subject matter is supposed to be humorous or not[citation needed]. Still, the anime adaptation has been highly praised by most websites,[62][63][64] particularly for its main character Tomoko, and Izumi Kitta's portrayal of her. Among the most praised aspects of the series, the opening title sequence has received unanimous praise for its opening song, visuals, and how well it represents Tomoko's loneliness, frustration, and intense social anxiety.[citation needed][61]

Kotaku contributor and anime critic Richard Eisenbeis gave the series an extremely negative review, describing the show as being the "most mean-spirited" anime that he had ever viewed as a critic and fan. He criticized the show's main source of humor, the protagonist's social anxiety disorder, as being low-brow and demeaning to the mentally ill.[65]

On the other hand, AnimeNewsNetwork's review compared the series to other well-known series dealing with subject of social misfits, such as Welcome to the NHK and Genshiken. Furthermore, Tomoko is portrayed as a completely anti-moe character, since she is angry and vengeful, instead of a typical cheery moe girl who just happens to be socially clumsy. The review praises the series for being insightful and straightforward in its treatment of social maladjustment.[66]


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