Wataten!: An Angel Flew Down to Me

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Wataten!: An Angel Flew Down to Me
Watashi ni Tenshi ga Maiorita!, volume 1.jpg
The cover of the first volume.
(Watashi ni Tenshi ga Maiorita!)
GenreComedy[1], Yuri[2]
Written byNanatsu Mukunoki
Published byIchijinsha
MagazineComic Yuri Hime
Original runNovember 18, 2016 – present
Volumes4 (List of volumes)
Anime television series
Directed byDaisuke Hiramaki
Written byYuka Yamada
Music byTakurō Iga
StudioDoga Kobo
Licensed by
Original networkTokyo MX, BS11, KBS, SUN, TVA, TVQ
Original run January 8, 2019 – present
Episodes12 + OVA (List of episodes)
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Wataten!: An Angel Flew Down to Me (私に天使が舞い降りた!, Watashi ni Tenshi ga Maiorita!) is a Japanese four-panel yuri comedy manga series written and illustrated by Nanatsu Mukunoki. The series began publication in Ichijinsha's Comic Yuri Hime magazine in November 2016. An anime television series adaptation by Doga Kobo premiered on January 8, 2019.


Miyako Hoshino is a college student who is very shy around strangers. When her younger sister Hinata brings home her classmate, Hana Shirosaki, Miyako becomes enchanted by her cuteness and begins having her dress up in cosplay in exchange for snacks. The series follows Miyako as she grows closer to Hana, along with Hinata's other friends.


Miyako Hoshino (星野 みやこ, Hoshino Miyako)
Voiced by: Reina Ueda[3]
A college student who is shy around strangers and spends most of her time indoors. She becomes smitten by Hana and starts making her snacks in exchange for getting her to dress up in cosplay outfits she makes.
Hana Shirosaki (白咲 花, Shirosaki Hana)
Voiced by: Maria Sashide[3]
An elementary school student who is classmates with Hinata. She is often disturbed by Miyako's behavior but puts up with it in order to eat her snacks.
Hinata Hoshino (星野 ひなた, Hoshino Hinata)
Voiced by: Rika Nagae[3]
Miyako's younger sister and Hana's classmate. She is particularly fond of her sister, who she nicknames "Mya-nee".
Noa Himesaka (姫坂 乃愛, Himesaka Noa)
Voiced by: Akari Kitō[3]
Hana and Hinata's classmate who moves next door to Miyako and Hinata. She constantly sees herself as cute, often becoming downhearted when someone else (usually Hana) is said to be cuter, and is also fond of Hinata.
Koko Matsumoto (松本 香子, Matsumoto Kōko)
Voiced by: Lynn[4]
A girl who was in a club with Miyako during high school. While Miyako hardly remembers her, she has been obsessively fixated on her, acting like a stalker.
Koyori Tanemura (種村 小依, Tanemura Koyori)
Voiced by: Hitomi Ōwada[5]
A class representative in Hana's class. She aspires to be someone that everyone can rely on, but is often unreliable herself.
Kanon Konomori (小之森 夏音, Konomori Kanon)
Voiced by: Naomi Ōzora[5]
Another class representative in Hana's class and Koyori's best friend. She is kind and often seen as very reliable, much to Koyori's chagrin.
Chizuru Hoshino (星野 千鶴, Hoshino Chizuru)
Voiced by: Ami Koshimizu
Miyako and Hinata's mother, who often reprimands Miyako for her shut-in behavior.
Haruka Shirosaki (白咲 春香, Shirosaki Haruka)
Voiced by: Ayumi Fujimura
Hana's mother.
Emily Himesaka (姫坂 エミリー, Himesaka Emirī)
Voiced by: Aki Toyosaki
Noa's mother.
Yuu Matsumoto (松本 ゆう, Matsumoto Yuu)
Voiced by: Hina Kino
Koko's younger sister.



Nanatsu Mukunoki launched the four-panel manga in Ichijinsha's Comic Yuri Hime magazine on November 18, 2016. Four tankōbon volumes have been released as of November 15, 2018.[6][1]

No.Japanese release dateJapanese ISBN
1 May 18, 2017[7]ISBN 9784758076722
2 November 16, 2017[8]ISBN 9784758077552
3 June 15, 2018[9]ISBN 9784758078191
4 November 15, 2018[10]ISBN 9784758078757


An anime television series adaptation was announced in the third volume of the manga on June 15, 2018.[1] The series is directed by Daisuke Hiramaki and written by Yuka Yamada, with animation by studio Doga Kobo and character designs by Hiromi Nakagawa.[1] Takurō Iga is composing the series' music. The series premiered in January 8, 2019 on Tokyo MX and other channels and is simulcast by Crunchyroll.[3][11][12] The opening and ending themes respectively are "Kimama na Tenshi-tachi" (気ままな天使たち, Carefree Angels) and "Happy Happy Friends" (ハッピー・ハッピー・フレンズ, Happī Happī Furenzu), both performed by WataTen5 (Maria Sashide, Rika Nagae, Akari Kitō, Hitomi Ōwada, and Naomi Ōzora).[5][13] The series is listed for 12 episodes. An original video animation will be bundled with the series' third Blu-ray volume, which will be released on May 24, 2019.[14]

Episode list[edit]

No. Title[a] Original air date
1"A Funny, Squirmy Feeling"
"Monyottoshita Kimochi" (もにょっとした気持ち)
January 8, 2019 (2019-01-08)
Miyako Hoshino, a college student who is shy with strangers, becomes oddly smitten when her little sister Hinata brings home her classmate Hana Shirosaki, but doesn't make the best first impression with her. When Hana returns for a sleepover, Miyako has Hana dress up in cosplay outfits she made, offering to treat her to as many sweets as she wants if she keeps doing so. The next day, as Miyako secretly tries on her cosplay herself, she is spotted by her new next door neighbor, Noa Himesaka.
2"Incontestably Cute"
"Saikyou ni Kawaii" (サイキョーにカワイイ)
January 15, 2019 (2019-01-15)
Noa, who had transferred into Hinata's class, comes over to tease Miyako about her cosplay, but becomes disheartened when Miyako finds Hana cuter than she is. Noa holds a cosplay contest to prove she's the cutest, only to end up in last place due to Miyako's judging preferences. Later, Miyako gets wrapped up in a game of hide-and-seek with the others and ends up hiding with Hana. The next day, Noa holds another contest to see who can take the cutest photo of her.
"Surikomi" (刷り込み)
January 22, 2019 (2019-01-22)
As part of their class project, Hinata, Hana, and Noa make a board game where Miyako has to do whatever actions the players land on as a means to help her overcome her shyness. On another day, after the girls try to get home without stepping into the sunlight, Hinata gets upset with Miyako for paying more attention to the others than her, so Miyako spends the evening spoiling her to make it up to her.
4"Can We Speak For a Moment?"
"Chotto Ohanashi Yoroshii desu ka?" (ちょっとお話よろしいですか?)
January 29, 2019 (2019-01-29)
After playing in an inflatable pool, the girls work on clay sculptures for their homework, with Hinata wanting to make a clay version of Miyako. Later, the girls go to a summer festival, where Miyako gets in trouble for taking sneak pictures of Hana.
5"Don't Worry! Leave it to Me!"
"Iikara Watashi ni Makasenasai!" (いいから私にまかせなさい!)
February 5, 2019 (2019-02-05)
The girls are tasked with making cookies with their classmates Koyori Tanemura and Kanon Konomori, with Koyori becoming so annoyed with everyone relying on Kanon that she decides to make her own cookies with Hana, which proves disastrous. After school, Koyori and Kanon come over to meet Miyako, who tries to look like the amazing person she's been built up to be, but can't keep up the illusion for very long. The next day, Koyori ties up Kanon's hands with rope so that people will rely on her instead, only to find she can't untie her.
6"Mya-Nee Doesn't Have Any Friends"
"Myā-Nee ni Tomodachi wa Inai zo" (みゃー姉に友だちはいないぞ)
February 12, 2019 (2019-02-12)
Hana and the others decide to follow Miyako to her university, where one of the students shows them around the campus while they wait for her classes to finish. On the way back, the girls find that the girl from earlier, Koko Matsumoto, is actually someone who has been stalking Miyako since high school. The next day, Koko shows up at Miyako's house, where she bonds with Hinata and dresses Miyako up in a maid outfit she made herself. Miyako then meets Hana and Noa's mothers, Haruka and Emily, who give their thanks for looking after their daughters.
7"I Don't Understand What Mya-Nee is Saying"
"Myā-Nee ga Nani Itteruka Wakannai" (みゃー姉が何いってるかわかんない)
February 19, 2019 (2019-02-19)
After Hinata comes down with a cold, Miyako takes the day off of university to look after her. On Miyako's birthday, Hinata and the others give her "I'll Do Anything" tickets while Hana gets her a hairpin. When Hinata proves to be too clingy, Miyako uses one of her tickets to forbid Hinata from coming close to her for five days, leading Noa to act as a substitute for her.
8"Sometimes Ignorance is Bliss"
"Shiranai Hō ga Shiawase na Kototte Aru yo" (知らないほうが幸せなことってあるよ)
February 26, 2019 (2019-02-26)


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