Doggie March

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Doggie March
HepburnWanwan Chūshingura
Directed byAkira Daikubara
Produced byHiroshi Okawa
Screenplay byDaisaku Shirakawa
Kei Iijima
Based onDoggie March
by Osamu Tezuka
StarringChiyoko Honma
Fumitake Omura
Hideo Kinoshita
Hideo Sato
Junko Hori
Kazuko Yoshikawa
Kiyoko Yamamoto
Kō Nishimura
Makiko Ito
Ranko Mizuki
Yoshihisa Kamo
Music byUrato Watanabe
CinematographyJiro Yoshimura
Kenji Sugiyama
Edited byIkuzo Inaba
Distributed byToei
Release date
  • December 21, 1963 (1963-12-21)
Running time
81 minutes

Doggie March (わんわん忠臣蔵, Wanwan Chūshingura) is a 1963 Japanese animated adventure comedy drama film directed by Akira Daikubara while distributed by Toei Company, Ltd. The film premiered in the same year as another Toei Animation production, Wolf Boy Ken. An apprentice around this time, a pre-fame Hayao Miyazaki worked on in-betweens during the production phase as his first animation gig. The film was released in Japan by Toei on December 21, 1963.[1]


The movie is about Rock, a homeless dog seeking revenge for the death of his mother. She was killed by "Killer", a cold-blooded and evil tiger who is being kept in the zoo.

While Rock alone would never stand a chance against Killer´s atrocities, he tries to join forces with every dog in town, to finally put an end on Killer´s crime streak.


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