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Wateen Telecom Ltd.
Public Limited
Industry Telecommunication
Founded 2005
Founder Dhabi Group
Headquarters Lahore, Pakistan
Area served
Nationwide (Pakistan)
Key people
Rizwan Tiwana
(Chief Executive)
Muhammad Aaqib Zulfiqar
(Chief Financial Officer)
Tahir Hameed
(Chief Commercial Officer)
Products Fixedline telephony
Broadband internet
Fibre-optic communication
IT services
Owner Warid Telecom International
Number of employees
More than 700
Parent Warid Telecom International
Website www.wateen.com

Wateen Telecom is a converged communication services provider based in Lahore, Pakistan, and is a sister concern of Warid Telecom. The company was incorporated in 2005 and began its operations in 2007 with the deployment of the largest fibre optic network in the country. Moreover, Wateen is the world’s first company to commercially roll out a WiMAX network on a nationwide scale. Wateen was recently ranked as the #1 wireless broadband service provider by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) and won the Consumer Choice Award for the "Best Internet Service Provider".[1]


Wateen Telecom delivers Internet, voice, multimedia, and enterprise Solutions. The company's strategic importance can be gauged by the fact that Wateen laid a Fiberoptic Cable Network stretching from Karachi to Torkhum having the potential to connect Pakistan regionally with Afghanistan, Iran and India. Wateen currently provides its services to over 250,000 WiMAX subscribers and enterprise solutions along with data services to over 200 leading organizations. Its cable network reaches over 125,000 households in the cities of Lahore and Multan.[citation needed]


2005 to 2010[edit]

Wateen Telecom is formed under the auspices of the Abu Dhabi Group; one of the leading business corporations in the Middle East and one of the biggest foreign investors in Pakistan. Initially in 2007, the company was set up as a "carrier's-carrier" providing a fine fibre optic network to mobile companies and offering long distance and telephony services. In areas where Wateen did not have a fiber network, it offered carriers connectivity through VSAT.

Wateen is the first company in the world to commercially launch WiMAX broadband internet services throughout the country, beginning with 24 major cities in Pakistan in 2007.[2] Thereon, Wateen set forth to launch a range of services for individuals and modern enterprises and also signed as a re-selling partner for multinational solution providers such as Cisco, Huawei, EMC and Polycom amongst numerous others.

2010 to date[edit]

Due to the global recession and instability in the economic and political scenario in the country, the FDI in Pakistan slowed down adversely affecting the company. In order to raise capital, Wateen Telecom decided to go public with an IPO, which was oversubscribed. Unfortunately, right after the IPO there came a fall in the share prices and the stock index was declining. Realizing the situation, Wateen Telecom underwent a major transformation which also included a change in its management.

The goal for the new management was to revitalize the organization with skilled resources, re-establish the goodwill for the company and take up the challenge to improve performance. Some of the initial successes were included:

  • Previously, Wateen had advertised its WiMAX business only. Wateen’s new management set out to change the image by re-launching the brand with a new identity, projecting the entire product portfolios and becoming more accessible to the media.
  • The LDI business in Pakistan had become uneconomical due to the increase in grey traffic. Wateen Telecom, along with other LDI operators took the matter up to Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, to revise the Access Promotion Charges (APC) and thus, succeeded to save the industry from failure.
  • Wateen Telecom revived its network deployment and won the bid to deploy a fiber network in Baluchistan with the help of the Universal Services Fund.[3]
The total value of this project is around 2.4bn.
  • By signing up with distributors, Wateen expanded its multimedia network to become the largest CATV service provider in Lahore. It also expanded its services to Islamabad and is expected to start functioning in Karachi by the end of this year.

2011 relaunch[edit]

In 2011 Wateen re-launched with a new identity, "Hello Again" and moved its market strategy from being functional to building an emotional connection with the stakeholders.[4]

Current services[edit]

Wateen currently services over 250,000 WiMAX subscribers, provides enterprise solutions and data services to over 200 leading organizations and its wired (HFC/GPON) network reaches over 15,000 households in Lahore and Multan, along with 23 other cities across Pakistan.


Broadband Internet[edit]

Wateen has shut down its WiMax network and now only offers Fiber Broadband (HFC/GPON) in areas of Karachi, Lahore and Multan.


Wateen Telecom offers telecommunication services all across Pakistan as well as internationally.[5] The services stretch out from Pakistan to,


Wateen Telecom's multimedia and interactive television services offer entertainment video channels in Lahore and Multan, which will be expanded to Karachi soon.

Wateen's Multimedia Division was formed in 2006 to provide Cable TV services to Wateen's HFC customers and within a span of 2 years, it evolved into a leading choice for major Cable Operators across Lahore. In 2010, Wateen became one of the largest CATV service providers in Lahore and Multan with a reach of over 125,000 households. The TV channels offer a mix of entertainment and lifestyle. which are managed by Wateen's own production, creative and transmission teams with resources from the media industry.


No. 1 Wireless Broadband Company[edit]

Wateen Telecom has been ranked as the number one wireless broadband service provider in the country by PTA. In a survey for quality of service for all broadband service providers, the company stood first in the overall standings for all wireless broadband operators in the Pakistan.[6]

WiMax Forum South Asia Conference 2012[edit]

WiMAX Forum is the global body that certifies and promotes compatibility and interoperability of broadband wireless products. It hosted the South Asia Conference 2012 at the Marriott Hotel in Islamabad, Pakistan. The event was held under the patronage of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) and co-organised by Wateen Telecom. It brought together over 100 professionals from government organisations, telecom operators, equipment manufacturers, solution providers and media to other ICT-related industries. The aim of the conference was to create awareness about the cost-effectiveness, sustainability, and easy scalable solutions of WiMAX for broadband distribution.[7]

Wateen Telecom and PITB sign contract[edit]

Wateen Telecom signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) for enabling e-learning in the province. Chief Minister Punjab, Mian Shahbaz Sharif and Naeem Zamindar, CEO Wateen Telecom signed the agreement at the PITB e-Government Exhibition held at Arfa Technology Park. The aim was to provide an e-learning portal with educational content for graduate and post-graduate students. The online portal includes textbooks, past papers, solved past papers and tips for students preparing for examinations. It hopes to provide Pakistani students a one-click solution to educational material and make the facility of Wi-Fi hotspots available and accessible for all students.[8]


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