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Water Country USA
Water Country USA Logo.svg
Slogan"It's not just water... It's Water Country USA!"
LocationWilliamsburg, Virginia, U.S.
Coordinates37°15′45.1″N 76°38′8.2″W / 37.262528°N 76.635611°W / 37.262528; -76.635611Coordinates: 37°15′45.1″N 76°38′8.2″W / 37.262528°N 76.635611°W / 37.262528; -76.635611
OwnerSeaWorld Entertainment
Operating seasonMay – September
Water rides17
WebsiteOfficial Website

Water Country USA is a water park in Williamsburg, Virginia, United States. It is the Mid-Atlantic's largest water park, and it offers live entertainment, shops and restaurants, water rides, and other family attractions, all of which have a 1950s or 1960s surf theme. It is owned by SeaWorld Entertainment. The park is just a few miles away from Busch Gardens Williamsburg, with which it shares clientele. Multi-park passes are available, and a parking pass at Water Country USA is valid for same-day entry to Busch Gardens Williamsburg.

Slides and Attractions[edit]

  • Aquazoid: An 863 foot long Proslide raft slide that is mostly enclosed. The enclosed portions, however, are mostly pitch black.
  • Big Daddy Falls: A Proslide raft slide that is mostly open, an features a "lazy river" section near the end of the slide that winds through and around waterfalls. This is followed by a final plunge. The whole slide is 670 feet long.
  • Colossal Curl: Installed in 2014, this Proslide mega raft slide features a funnel element (TORNADO 24), as well as a final element known as the TORNADOWAVE 60 where riders soar up and down a giant wall. The slide is ridden in 4 person CLOVERLEAF tubes.
  • Cow-A-Bunga: A children's area featured 3 smaller slides, one utilized with double tubes, a shallow pool, and a variety of splash features.
  • Cutback Water Coaster: Opening in 2019, this Proslide water coaster features 5 "FLYINGSAUCER" sections where the raft whips around a tilted saucer, giving off an advertised "drop and dive" section. The slide also features 3 uphill sections made possible by a water jet propulsion system. The slide is more than 850 feet long, utilizes 4 person inline rafts, and mimics the layout of the former Meltdown slide that it is replacing.
  • H20 UFO: A kids area with splash features and slides, as well as two scaled down Proslide tube slides. This is advertised as the largest kids area in the waterpark.
  • Hubba Hubba Highway: A 1500 feet long lazy river on the eastern side of the waterpark. There are plenty of splash features guaranteed to get all riders wet! This is presumed to have been installed around the year 2000.
  • Jammin' Jukebox: A slide tower hosting 3 body slides that were constructed in 2008. The tower formerly was occupied by the Peppermint Twist body slides.
  • Jet Scream: Presumed to be one of the park's original slide complexes, Jet Scream is made up of 4 inner tube slides that are each more than 400 feet long and are advertised to travel at an average speed of 25 mph. These slides are mostly open, but do feature a few small enclosed sections.
  • Kritter Korral: A sea themed toddler play area with some very small slides in the shape of sea creatures scattered throughout a 2 foot deep pool.
  • Little Bopper: A small kid friendly corkscrew slide that was formerly Little Twister in a different section of Adventure Isle, which would become Rock'n'Roll Island in 2008. It is now painted yellow instead of the original pink.
  • Malibu Pipeline: Two Proslide inner tube slides that span more than 450 feet in length and are mostly enclosed. Both feature maximum plunge finales of 55 feet into a 3 foot deep pool. Presumed to have opened in the early '90s. The two slides are named "Bonzai", and "Oahu".
  • Nitro Racer: A six lane Proslide mat racer that is around 320 feet long. Sliders go down head first, just like any other common mat racer. This is a relatively short ride estimated to be around 4 seconds.
  • Rambling River: This is a 736 foot long lazy river that winds around the Rock'n'Roll Island (formerly Adventure Isle) section of the park. This is significantly shorter in length than the park's existing Hubba Hubba Highway.
  • Rampage: Two toboggan style slides that send riders down a ramp at a 60 degree incline, building enough speed to skip across the 120 foot long shallow landing pool. This slide is one of the last of it's kind in North America, following the removal of Thunderbolt at World Waterpark in 2014 and Everglides at Adventure Island around 2017. However, "Screamin' Mimi" at Water World still operates.
  • Rock'n'Roll Island; An area of the park that was formerly known as Adventure Isle, but was renovated in 2008 to what it currently is. It includes a newer trio of twisting body slides (Jammin' Jukebox), a lazy river making up the perimeter of the area (Rambling River), an advertised 11,000 square foot activity pool, a "log cross" activity, and a refurbished children's slide (Little Bopper).
  • Surfer's Bay: A wave pool that is advertised as the largest in the state at 23,000 square feet, with a maximum of 8 feet in depth. Every 10 minutes, the wave pool generates waves reaching 4 feet high that cycles for 8 minutes at a time. The pool likely opened with the park in 1984.
  • Vanish Point: A 75 foot tall quadruple speed slide complex manufactured by Proslide in 2011. There are two pairs of speed slides within Vanish Point. Riders can either plunge down 300 foot long speed slides, or slide through one of two enclosed helixes that utilize Proslide's SKYBOX technology, a drop pod that launches riders into the slide via trapdoor. The complex is located next to the Cutback Water Coaster, or at the time that it was built, Meltdown.
  • Wild Thang: A 500 foot long inner tube slide that is completely open. Two person tubes are utilized on this slide.

Defunct Rides[edit]

  • Atomic Breakers: A series of slides and splash pools. Closed and removed 2007.
  • Lemon Drop: 2 short Yellow body flumes which dropped into a deep (10 ft) section of the Adventure Isle pool. Closed and removed in 2008.
  • Little Twister: A small pink children's water slide in the Adventure Isle area. Moved adjacent to the Jammin' Juke Box slide tower in the 2008 season with the change to Rock 'n' Roll Island. Renamed "Little Bopper".
  • Peppermint Twist: Two steep purple-colored body slides take riders through a 180 degree curve. This ride closed following the 2007 season. The tower, however, remains intact and is used as the tower for the new Jammin' Jukebox body slides.
  • Volleyball Courts: Several beach volleyball courts that took up the space where Hubba Hubba Highway is now, and before that were located across from Jet Scream where the lockers are. (Catering was where the restrooms are.)
  • Meltdown: Closed at the end of 2018 season to make way for an enhanced new launched ProSlide turboslide water coaster (Cutback).[1]. Was an inline boat slide that opened in 2000 and traveled down a series of banked turns, resulting in a bobsled type experience. The new Cutback water coaster mimics the layout of Meltdown with the addition of saucers and uphill sections.


  • AQUABATICS! This show no longer happens. The dive tower was dismantled in 2015 before the season started.


  • Cow-A-Bunga: A heated water playland for children under 54", offering water slides, fountains and waterfalls.
  • H20-UFO: Slides and fountains in an area set aside for patrons under 56".
  • Kritter Korral: Play equipment and miniature slides for the park's smallest guest. Reserved for children under 50".
  • Rock N' Roll Island: A rock and roll themed area featuring music from the 1950s and ‘60s. The area features a water obstacle course surrounded by a 700-foot lazy river, as well as the Jammin' Jukebox.


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