Water Eaton House Bridge

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Water Eaton House Bridge
Water Eaton.jpg
The Thames from the bridge
Coordinates51°38′39″N 1°49′20″W / 51.644170°N 1.822195°W / 51.644170; -1.822195Coordinates: 51°38′39″N 1°49′20″W / 51.644170°N 1.822195°W / 51.644170; -1.822195
CarriesThames Path
CrossesRiver Thames

Water Eaton House Bridge is a footbridge across the River Thames in Wiltshire, England. It is situated between Cricklade and Castle Eaton near Water Eaton House. It is one of the first bridges on the Thames Path.[1]

Water Eaton farmhouse is a modern house on an ancient site, known in the 18th century as Nun Eaton. This old manor house at Water Eaton had a tradition attaching to it that it was a "house of mercy" connected with Abbey of Godstow near Oxford. There are remains of fish-ponds adjacent and carved stone was found in it at demolition.[2] There was an ancient weir at Water Eaton which was subject to a dispute with Godstow Priory in the 14th century.[3]

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