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Water Golf is a golf-like game played on the water surface in a defined water court,[1] using a floating waterbag[2][3] as the golf ball. The game of water golf observes similar rules and scoring to the game of golf. Players throw or use a club to launch a waterbag at a buoy or fixed floating marker. Depending on the waterway, there are a number of variations on the game. Water Golf is an all ages game played alone or in groups. It can include waterbag launching devices referred to as clubs. The game can start on land and progress to the water and back to land. All water-crafts can be used such as kayaks, rafts, and noodles.[4]

Rules and regulations[edit]

Players shoot at targets using a skipping waterbag that floats and can travel over 200 ft. Players can play on any watercraft observing similar rules and regulations as they would on a golf course. Players drive the skipping waterbag using a chosen launching device.

The number of waterbags played, scoring, and general rules are determined by the group of players. Players keep track of their own waterbags.

Standard play[edit]

Standard play relates to the game most commonly associated to the game of golf.

  1. Find a suitable location to tee off from and launch waterbag as far as you can toward the designated target. Allow all players to tee off.
  2. Travel to your water bag and take your next shot. The player farthest from the target shoots first and the remaining players all take their shot in order of distance.
  3. Players record number of shots required to hit target. Player with lowest score on hole leads the next tee.

Water bocce ball[edit]

An alternate game can be played when no established holes are present is water bocce ball. This variant of the game is played with two teams made up of either one, two, or four players each. The target is defined by the launch of a squibber, similar to the pallino ball in bocce ball. Both teams have four water bags per round.

  1. One player launches the squibber to establish the target for the round.
  2. The team that launched the squibber is allowed to shoot first, with the goal of getting as close to the squibber as possible.
  3. Next, the other team is allowed to shoot with the same goal.
  4. After each team has shot once, the team who does not have a bag closest to the squibber shoots. This continues until one team has used all their bags, at which point the other team uses their shots.
  5. Scoring is based on how many bags one team has closer to the squibber than the closest ball of the other team (scores will be from 1-4 each round).
  6. Games can go to any score desired but generally go to 7 to 13 points.

Elements and equipment[edit]

Waterbag - Waterbags (also known as waterballs) are the primary object required for the sport and is comparable to the ball in golf. While any sort of ball capable of floating will work, balls specifically designed for the water are preferred.[2] The primary products tailored to this game on the market are the WaterRipper(link) and Waboba Ball(link) although a tennis ball would work as well.


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