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Water Lily Acoustics (WLA) is an American record label based in Santa Barbara, California. It primarily releases recordings of Indian classical music and cross-cultural collaborations between musicians from around the world. The label was founded by the producer Kavichandran Alexander, a Tamil originally from Ceylon (now Sri Lanka).

From its inception, WLA emphasized Eastern world performers—espousing the belief that great Eastern musicians had seldom been recorded properly, with care and attention placed on sound quality. Water Lily Acoustics strives for high quality sound and faithfulness to the music source. WLA pursues this goal by using proper microphone techniques, state-of-the-art recording equipment, and selecting acoustically suitable recording venues.

WLA pairs musicians from diverse cultures who normally might not perform together. Water Lily Acoustics was the first to pair and record Indian musicians of both Karnatic and Hindustani schools with their Persian, Arab, and Chinese counterparts.[citation needed]


Water Lily Acoustics has recorded the following Indian master musicians:

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Water Lily Acoustics recordings have featured in the sound tracks of these films:

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