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Water Music Records is an electronica record label based in Los Angeles, California. Launched in July 2000, Water Music Records releases, markets and distributes albums in various sub-styles of electronica including Chill Out, Lounge and Down-Tempo music. Its sister label Water Music Dance releases albums, EPs and singles in the following genres: trance, dance and techno.

The label was started by Brad Pressman, former VP of A&R and Label Manager for Sonic Images Records since 1993. Joined by former Universal VP Rod Linnum, the label has released over 110 projects, both artist albums and various compilations. Water Music Records has achieved over 15 Top 50 albums and 2 Top 25 singles.

In 2007, the label launched a pop music oriented label called 10 Spot Records devoted to developing talented singer/songwriters. The label's initial roster included Justin James, Jeremy Kay, and former teen queen Tiffany, all of which have left the label.

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