Water Resources Agency

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Coordinates: 24°09′15.7″N 120°38′02.2″E / 24.154361°N 120.633944°E / 24.154361; 120.633944

Water Resources Agency
行政院中部聯合服務中心勤政樓 20110419.jpg
Agency overview
Formed 2002[1]
Jurisdiction Republic of China
Headquarters Nantun, Taichung
Parent agency Ministry of Economic Affairs
Website www.wra.gov.tw

The Water Resources Agency (WRA; Chinese: 經濟部水利署; pinyin: Jīngjì Bù Shuǐlì Shǔ) is the administrative agency of the Ministry of Economic Affairs of the Taiwan (ROC) responsible for water-related affairs.[2]


The Water Resources Agency was created in 2002 with the combination of several agencies, such as Water Resources Bureau, Water Conservancy Agency and Taipei Water Resource Specific Committee.

Organizational structure[edit]

  • Planning Division
  • Hydrology Division
  • Management Division
  • River and Coast Division
  • Conservation Division
  • Construction Division
  • Water Administration Division
  • Land Management Division
  • Information Management
  • River Survey Team
  • Water Hazard Mitigation Center
  • Secretariat
  • Personnel Office
  • Budget, Accounting and Statistics Office
  • Civil Service Ethics Office
  • Water Resources Office
  • River Management Office
  • Taipei Water Management Office
  • Water Resources Planning Institute

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