Watercolors (Sirius XM)

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This article is about a Sirius XM Radio Channel. For the painting method using paint made of colorants suspended or dissolved in water, see Watercolors.
Watercolors logo.svg
Broadcast area United States
Frequency Sirius XM Radio 66
Dish Network 6066
First air date September 25, 2001
Format Smooth jazz
Class Satellite Radio Station
Owner Sirius XM Radio
Website SiriusXM: Watercolors

Watercolors is a Sirius XM Radio music channel that specializes in playing smooth jazz. It is available on channel 66 on Sirius XM Radio (where it replaced Jazz Cafe for that service on November 12, 2008), as well as channel 6071 on Dish Network.

On air personalities[edit]

  • Lily - weekday morning host
  • Tony Colter - weekday afternoon and weekend morning host
  • Penny "PJ" Faulkner - Saturday afternoon host and weekday fill-in host
  • B.K. Kirkland - Saturday evening host
  • Eulis Cathey - Sunday afternoon host

Other personalities[edit]

  • Trinity - programming director


  • The Gallery
  • Live from Watercolors
  • Watercolors Exclusive World Premieres
  • The Dave Koz Lounge