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Waterfox Logo (redesigned 2015).png
Waterfox (unmodified) screenshot.PNG
Screenshot of Waterfox version 40.1.0 running on Windows 7, showing the English Wikipedia
Original author(s) Alex Kontos
Slogan The Lightning Fast Browser
Stable release 47.0.0
Development status Active
Operating system Windows, OS X, Android, iOS
Engine Gecko
Platform x86-64
Type Web browser
License Mozilla Public License
Website www.waterfoxproject.org

Waterfox is an open-source web browser based on Mozilla Firefox for 64-bit Windows and OS X systems. It is compiled using the Intel C++ Compiler, and uses Intel's Math Kernel Library, Streaming SIMD Extensions 3 and Advanced Vector Extensions. It is compatible with Firefox add-ons and 64-bit NPAPI browser plug-ins.[1] Waterfox has been developed specifically to take advantage of 64-bit systems, which Firefox does not do so.

Although Firefox outperformed Waterfox in Peacekeeper browser benchmark tests run by TechRepublic in 2012,[2] Waterfox showed a mild improvement over Firefox in tests run by Softpedia in 2014.[3] Benchmarks are also available on the developers website run on the system Waterfox is built on.[4] Waterfox was presented at an event called “Pitch@Palace”[5] at St. James Palace for Prince Andrew, Duke of York.

To date Waterfox has over 5,000,000 downloads, spanning 180 countries.

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