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Waterhen is an Indian reserve community in the Canadian province of Manitoba, located approximately 10 km south of the Skownan First Nation and approximately one hour northeast of Dauphin. at the junction of Provincial Road 328 and Provincial Road 276. Waterhen is the hub for several other Indian reserve communities in the area including: the Métis settlement of Mallard, the Métis settlement of Rock Ridge, and the very small community of Salt Point. The community is administered by an elected council of 4 Councilors and a Mayor. The community is one of the largest employers in the area.

Within the community are several businesses including Waterhen General Store and The Agassiz-Waterhen River Lodge. Canada Post operates a full-service post office in the community.

The Frontier School Division has a school (Waterhen School) within the community. It serves Waterhen and the surrounding northern affairs communitites. Children in nursery, kindergarten, and grades 1 - 9 attend the school. There is also an adult education facility at the school. After grade 9, students are bussed to the Frontier School in Rorketon. A daycare facility, The Waterhen and District Daycare, provides early years child care to the area. The community is also home to a Manitoba Conservation office (A satellite of the Gypsumville office) and a Manitoba Infrastructure and Transportation yard (A satellite of the Rorketon yard).

The Parkland Regional Health Authority runs a Primary Health Care Centre within the community. They also run a full-time ambulance service staffed by paramedics. The Government of Manitoba employs a Community Constable that serves Waterhen and the surrounding area. The Waterhen Fire Department is an important member of the Winnipegosis Mutual Aid District.

The town was named after the Water Hen bird which used to occupy the area heavily.

Waterhen is a popular fishing and hunting area with bear, deer, moose and fish. The area was mentioned in a book called Where Nests the Waterhen ("La Petite Poule d'Eau") written by Gabrielle Roy.

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