Waterplace Park

Coordinates: 41°49′25″N 71°24′27″W / 41.8237113°N 71.4075563°W / 41.8237113; -71.4075563
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Waterplace Park
LocationProvidence, Rhode Island
Coordinates41°49′25″N 71°24′27″W / 41.8237113°N 71.4075563°W / 41.8237113; -71.4075563
Created1994 (1994)

Waterplace Park is an urban park situated along the Woonasquatucket River in downtown Providence, Rhode Island at the original site of the Great Salt Cove. Finished in 1994, Waterplace Park is connected to 3/4 mile of cobblestone-paved pedestrian walkways along the waterfront known as Riverwalk. Venice-styled Pedestrian bridges cross the river. Most of Riverwalk is below street level and automotive traffic. Waterplace Park and Riverwalk together are host to Providence's popular summertime Waterfire events, a series of bonfires lit on the river accompanied by classical and world music.


Waterplace Park was part of Providence's River Relocation Project, which began in the 1980s.[1]

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