Watershed (South African band)

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OriginJohannesburg, South Africa
GenresPop rock
Years active1998–present
MembersCraig Hinds
Howard Combrink
James Sunney
Quintin Pewpew Askes
Paul McIver

Watershed is a South African Pop-Rock band, which was founded in Johannesburg in 1998.[1]


Most famous for their signature tune 'Indigo Girl' in 2002, Watershed became a 'natural' success when a German radio DJ heard the single whilst vacationing in South Africa and played it on the air in Germany.[2] The band toured in June 2010 with MacStanley through Germany as part of the Rock Kick Off tour, which is hosted by German Music Television station Imusic1.[3]

The band's song "Fine Way" was used in an advert for restaurant chain Wimpy (restaurant) in 2004.[4]

In 2006 drummer Tulsa Pittaway left the group. He then joined Evolver (later renamed Evolver One) and has also released a solo album.

Hinds released his first solo album, Ordinary Boy in 2013 [5]

Band members[edit]

South African discography[edit]

This is Watershed's South African discography. They have released records in Germany and possibly elsewhere.


  • "In the Meantime" (2002)
  • "Indigo Girl" (2002)
  • "Fine Way" (2003)
  • "Letters" (2006)
  • "Close My Eyes" (2006)
  • "Magical Energy" (2015)


  • In the Meantime, released in 2002 — achieved platinum
  • Wrapped in Stone, released in 2003 — achieved gold[6]
  • Mosaic, released 10 October 2005 — achieved platinum
  • Staring at the Ceiling, released on 4 August 2008 — achieved gold [7]
  • A Million Faces (double CD, best of Watershed), released in 2010
  • Watch the Rain, released in September 2015
  • Harbour, released in November 2018


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