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Watson Charlton (1872 - ?) was a British illustrator of children's books.[1] He was born in Sunderland, Durham, the son of the painter John William Charlton (1848–1917).

Selected works illustrated by Watson Charlton[edit]

  • Evelyn Everett-Green. Hilary Quest (1908)
  • W E Cule. Mr Crusoe's Island (1914)
  • Christopher Beck. The Brigand of the Air (1920)
  • Albert Lee. A King's Treachery - A Romance of the Huguenot Persecution (1922)
  • Robert Leighton. Dreadnoughts Of The Dogger: A Story of the War on the North Sea (1916)
  • Robert Leighton. The Kidnapped Regiment: a Story of 1745 (n.d.)
  • Muriel Pollexfen. Grey Ghost (1910)
  • Christoph von Schmid, The Basket of Flowers (1908) (digitised at [1])
  • Frederica J Turle. The Gap in the Fence (1914) digitised at [2]


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