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Watterson College was a private, for profit two-year vocational/technical school that operated in Los Angeles, California from 1915-1997.

It offered classes and training in various entry-level professions such as business, computers, word processing, medical assisting, retailing, and paralegal services. Watterson College had various satellite campuses in small cities near the Los Angeles, California area. Although the direct connection cannot be established at this time, there were also Watterson College schools in other cities across the US, like Louisville KY. Its main office was located at the Pasadena, California campus, and major campuses included Van Nuys, California, West Covina and Oxnard. It participated in the California Pell Grant program. During the early 1990s Watterson College began struggling to meet admissions goals, due to increased competition by public institutions, leading to the final closing of all campuses by 1995.

Watterson College was officially closed in 1992 according to State of California and U.S. Department of Education records.[1]

Prior to its closing, the school made an effort to preserve the records for any students needing transcripts or educational verification, however not all records were preserved. Pasadena students only are encouraged to contact North-West College. North-West College became the official "custodian of records" for only the Watterson College alumni who were located at the Pasadena campus. For questions about all other Watterson alumni, contact the California Department of Consumer Affairs.

This Article is in reference to the Watterson College in Southern California. There may be other schools named Watterson College in other parts of the country that exist or have existed. This article has no connection to any other institution.