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Wattle or wattles may refer to:


  • Acacia, genus of plants and shrubs commonly known as wattle, especially in Australia and South Africa
  • Black wattle, common name for several species of acacia
  • Callicoma, also known as black wattle, although unrelated to the acacia species
  • Golden wattle, Acacia pycantha, species of acacia which is the official floral emblem of Australia
  • Sunshine wattle, Acacia terminalis, species of acacia which grows in southeastern Australia


  • Wattle (anatomy), fleshy growth hanging from the head or neck of certain animals.
  • Wattle bagworm, caterpillar native to Southern Africa
  • Wattlebird, member of the honeyeater family, native to Australia
  • Wattle-eye, family of small insect-eating birds native to Africa


  • Wattle (construction), woven strips of wood forming panels used for fencing or for walling
  • Wattle-and-daub, a building technique using woven wooden supports packed with clay or mud


  • Wattle (dermatology), another term for congenital cartilaginous rest of the neck
  • Croatian wattle, decorative pattern found in medieval Croatian art
  • Wattle Day, Australian celebration of the first day of spring
  • Steam Tug Wattle, vessel formerly in commercial service in Victoria Harbour, Melbourne, Australia