Watubela archipelago

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Watubela archipelago
Maluku Islands en.png
Watubela archipelago in the east of Maluku Islands
ID Watubela.PNG
Watubela archipelago (red) in eastern Indonesia
LocationSoutheast Asia
ArchipelagoMaluku Islands
Major islandsKasiui, Teor
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Watubela is an archipelago in the Maluku Islands, east of Ceram and north of Kai Islands, southeast of the Gorong archipelago, and southwest of the Bomberai Peninsula of Papua, Indonesia. It includes the islands of Kasiui and Teor (also called Tio'or).[1]

The English naturalist Alfred Russel Wallace described the islands, which he called the Matabello Islands, in chapter 25 of his 1869 book The Malay Archipelago.[2]


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Coordinates: 4°35′44″S 131°41′55″E / 4.59556°S 131.69861°E / -4.59556; 131.69861