Waukegan Lightning

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Waukegan Lightning
Full name Waukegan Lightning
Founded 2002
Dissolved 2009
Stadium Rockford MetroCentre
Ground Capacity 10,000
President/Owner-Investor Catalina Ariza
Head Coach Dave Hewkin

The Waukegan Lightning were a professional indoor soccer team from Waukegan, Illinois formally known as the Northern Illinois Rebels of the Chicago Latin American Soccer Association and more recently the American Indoor Soccer League (AISL).



The Rebels were founded in 2002 and played in the Chicago Latin American Soccer Association where they won 4 straight titles.

The Rebels renamed themselves the Northern Illinois Rebels because of playing in a national league. The Rebels were one of the two new teams to join the AISL in 2007. They played at the Lake County Sports Center in Waukegan, Illinois. The Rebels ended their first and only season in the AISL with 3 wins (9 points) and 10 loses.

Waukegan Lightning[edit]

In late 2008, the Rebels took on a new name and said they would "picking up where the Northern Illinois Rebels of the AISL left off." [1]


Year League Logo Results Notes
2002–2003 CLASA
2003–2004 CLASA League Champions
2004–2005 CLASA League Champions
2005–2006 CLASA League Champions
2006–2007 CLASA League Champions
2007/2008 AISL Rebels thumb.jpg 3–10 9 Points
2008–2009 USL* WLightning.gif
Summer 2009 USL WLightning.gif


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