Waulkmill Bay

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View of Waulkmill Bay

Waulkmill Bay is a tidal bay on the southwest of Mainland Orkney, Scotland.[1] This bay and its immediately surrounding area have been identified as a Site of Special Scientific Interest by Scottish Natural Heritage.

Immediately to the east of Waulkmill Bay is the RSPB site of Kirbister Preserve.[2] The freshwater feed from the Loch of Kirbister and the presence of reformative sand bars make the sandy beach area at the north end of Waulkmill Bay a unique habitat for birds.[3] The salt marsh area associated with Waulkmill Bay is a particularly noted avian habitat.[4]

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Coordinates: 58°56′N 3°04′W / 58.933°N 3.067°W / 58.933; -3.067