Wausau Curling Club

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Wausau Curling Club
Location1920 Curling Way
Wausau, Wisconsin 54401
Club typeDedicated Ice
USCA regionWisconsin
Sheets of iceEight
Rock colorsRed and Yellow   

The Wausau Curling Club is a curling club located at 1920 Curling Way in Wausau, Wisconsin. The club hosts league play and several annual bonspiels, including the Men's Invitational and Highlander Women's bonspiels, and the Badger State Games. The Wausau Curling Club also annually hosts the Tietge High School Bonspiel, named after longtime Wausau West curling coach Dennis Tietge and considered to be the largest and longest running high school bonspiel in the United States.[1] The club's season usually runs from late October through March.


Former Wausau Curling Club

Curling began in Wausau in the early 1920s, although there are accounts of unorganized play occurring even earlier. The Wausau Curling Club was officially organized in 1925. One of the club's founding members, Howard Morrison, arranged for one of the fair buildings at the county park to be used during the winter for curling sheets.[2] By the 1940s it was apparent that the curling facilities were inadequate for the growing club. The county agreed to build a new multipurpose building adjacent to the existing club in the county fairgrounds, which would house four sheets, walkways and a warming room.[3] During the summer of 1951, the club installed equipment for refrigerated (or artificially created) ice, which allowed for curling to continue regardless of the climate outdoors. The new ice was ready for the 1951-1952 season.[4] During the 1950s and 60s there were several additions to the club. A dedicated clubroom, kitchen, hospitality room and improved locker facilities were added to the building, and a fifth sheet of ice. In 1976, the curling club hosted the United States Men's Curling Championship.[5]The aging of the Marathon Park facility and a host of costly repairs encouraged the organization to pursue the construction of a new building outside of Marathon Park. In October 2011, the club announced plans to build a new dedicated curling club in 2012.[6] The new club includes 8 curling sheets, and is one of the largest curling specific facilities in the United States. The club also hosts high school curling, including teams from Wausau East, Wausau West, D.C. Everest, and most recently Mosinee.


The club hosts a variety of leagues for club members. Night leagues are held at either 5:30pm (early) or 7:30pm (late), aside from the Friday night league held at 6:00pm.[7] Morning leagues are held at 9:00am. League championships are held annually.

  • Men's (Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday early, Thursday late)
  • Women's (Tuesday morning, Thursday early)
  • Open (Monday/Tuesday late)
  • Mixed (Friday)
  • Wausau Mine Co. League (Sunday)
  • Rookie (Wednesday late)
  • Senior (Monday/Wednesday/Friday morning)


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